About Us

What is VRPornBro and why does it exist?

As an adult I tried watching 2D porn, but I always found that watching regular porn left me feeling weird and a bit dirty. Then one day I tried VR porn, and (oh boy) was it a big difference!

The fact that you can freely look around a video scene and feel immersed in it changes the game for me. It feels more real and less ‘dirty’ to me personally. It’s weird, after watching a scene I feel great and not seedy in the slightest. Something I couldn’t get with regular porn!

At first, like a lot of people, I tried to find free VR porn. But this proved to be frustrating, with slow download speeds and low quality. So, I started thinking about paid VR services.

However, when I started looking for reviews of VR Porn websites, it was really hard to find any real/honest reviews. Most of the review sites were low quality, trashy and shamelessly plugging any site just to get commissions.

Actually, at the time, the only decent site I found from VR Pimp. He was pretty much the only person going into detail about the technical aspects of VR porn and giving real reviews. I mean, he had some 3 star reviews and everything!

So, you could say this inspired me to do better. I knew I could make a VR porn review site in a much more reputable and honest way. My design skills aren’t great, but when I saw some of the horror stories out there I was sure I could make something better!

Thus VRPornBro was born!