Looking for CzechVR Discounts? [BUYER BEWARE]

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro. As someone that started this site to try and be a trusted and real source for VR porn users, there is something today I want to draw your attention to. If you are searching Google for CzechVR discounts you should be aware of this one particular scam.

After searching Google the top search is a website called CzechVR Discounts, so you would think that these guys are legit, right? You would be wrong. At the time of writing they claim to offer a 21% discount off of the CzechVR monthly fee and a whopping 54% off for a 6 month plan. The truth is that they are not offering any special discount they are just linking to the CzechVR website using their affiliate link so they get a kick back if you subscribe.

A picture of a website claiming to offer discount on the CzechVR service.

But you also get a kickback VR Porn Bro? True, but only if you read my REAL and HONEST review I posted after actually using the service as a VR porn user myself. I think it is a fair exchange to get a little affiliate commission in exchange for an honest review of CzechVR. If you want to support my site and read my Czech VR Review, please do so 🙂

To me, what CzechVrDiscounts.com is doing is dishonest and should be stopped by Google. Although they don’t outright state this, they are making you think you are getting a special discount rate by visiting their site when in reality you are just getting the same rate as if you went directly to CzechVR.com yourself.

How do I know this? Well, I visited myself through their link and also using a private incognito window in my browser. By doing this I am stripping off any of the affiliate IDs used by the CzechVRDiscounts website. And guess what? The price I was offered was exactly the same both times. So its clear that they are just using the exact same affiliate link as everyone else and not any special discount of offer for CzechVR.

The truth is, as a CzechVR affiliate myself, it is CzechVR and ONLY CzechVR who hand out the discounts to their service and it is very rare that they would give a special discount rate to an affiliate. And if they did it would only be to a massive site that has credibility, not a one page affiliate site like CzechVRdiscounts.com.

I sincerely hope that Google stops ranking this site on the number 1 spot when people search ‘CzechVR Discounts’ and starts giving more respect to the honest and genuine Vr porn enthusiast sites like mine. I am not holding my breath though!! I thought these kind of highly targested one page websites were dead on Google but clearly this is not the case when it comes to VR porn!!

So please don’t ‘feed the beast’ so to speak and make sure you don’t fall for this trap. If you want to click an affiliate link please do so on a Czech VR post or review that is honest or genuine. As I said earlier, this is my own CzechVR review.

I am now going to go away and see if anyone is trying this stunt on other popular VR porn sites…. wish me luck 🙂 VR Porn Bro out.

PS. I am getting my SEO tools ready as I imagine when the owner of CzechVRDiscounts.com finds out about this post he or she (or they) is going to send a lot of negative spam SEO my way 🙂 Hahaahaha 🙂

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