WetVR Review: New kid on the VR porn block?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro, and after a short hiatus we are getting back at the website reviews with this one on WetVR.com. As VR porn is still fairly new, I always get excited when we see new entrants into the market. And this is one of those times, as WetVR was started but just a handful of months ago. It will be interesting to see how good this new player to the market is. Let’s find out together.

Please be aware that this review was made using an Oculus Go, so your results may vary depending on your particular headset. Also, this is not a sponsored review, I paid for my own subscription in full.

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What is WetVR?

WetVR is a new VR porn site that only started at the end of the Summer of 2019. They are offering a mixture of performers from Europe and North America. Their unique approach seems to be using fake cum to make these epic looking ‘cream pies’. More about that below.

How Much is WetVR?

At the time of writing WetVR is one of the cheapest paid VR porn sites out there, being only $9.99 a month. However, this is because it is a new site. I am not sure how much longer this pricing will continue.

Click the image below to go have a look at the latest prices on their official website.

How are the Download Speeds?

WetVR seems to be at the top end in terms of the server speed I have experienced with their competitors. I downloaded a sizeable 6.96GB file at an almost constant 10-11MB/S speed. It is great that they are taking their server speed seriously at such an early stage. The full video was done in 11 minutes, which is amazing considering this is a much bigger file than I would usually choose in these tests.

wetvr have fast servers

What do we like about WetVR?

Good Start to Variety

Considering how young this service is, they have already started to show good potential in terms of variety. Different types of VR porn are on show already, with a good variety of performers. For example, I enjoyed their last Christmas special with a milf actress. But you will also find younger performers too, and those of different race. It is still early to say 100%, but the early signs are good.

Some Interesting Ideas

I am not going to go ahead and call them innovative or anything like that, but they are at least not scared to try some new or slightly different things. For example, they have some really good intimate shower and bath scenes that I haven’t seen often when it comes to VR porn. There is also a scene where a performer uses a fleshlight interactive toy during a blow job scene. However, this doesn’t come without its problems. One thing they have tried is the fake cum and to me it has failed massively. More on that in the dislike section 🙂

Solid Performers

From what I have seen so far, I feel that WetVR has a good selection of performers. They have both European and North American performers, and the quality seems good. This is a good balance to have, something I personally like. Most of the performances I have seen have been strong, just don’t expect too much dialogue.


This is currently one of the cheapest VR porn sites on the market right now, not taking into account any of the crazy holiday sales. When it comes to regular full price, they are very cheap. $9.99 a month is pretty much unheard of in this market. It is great that they recognize that they are new and don’t have a lot of content, and thus need to charge less. Trust me, it’s not always the case.

They also have an awesome one day for one dollar deal, which makes it easy to try out their service before you fully commit.


Each video has a comments section below it, making it easy to give instant feedback on a scene and even discuss with others. I really like this approach, as it helps us users feel more like a community.

What don’t we like about WetVR?

Site Design

This is a matter of personal taste, but to me this site looks very ‘low rent’. This is not helped by a real cheesy looking logo. The whole thing just comes across as cheap and basic. In fact, the only thing I liked were the custom icons you can use to rate each video. This was a fun and unique idea.

these emoticons made me laugh

No Help and Confusing Downloads

There is literally no help articles on WetVR at all, so if you want to access their material you need to work it out yourself. This is fine if you are a tech nerd, but others may struggle. Especially as they have a weird way to download their videos, that only tech nerds will know. Luckily, I am a tech nerd!

If you try to click on the download button to…. i don’t know….download the file, it will actually start to stream in a web player. You actually need to right click the download button and select ‘save target as’ to get the video downloaded. For the life of me, I don’t know why they chose such an old school way to do this, and it’s the first time I have seen this on a VR porn site. And, weirdly, all the videos I downloaded had the same name, and it was a non descriptive set of numbers. Makes it hard to work out what the downloaded video is. Let’s call this early teething problems shall we.

Use of fake cum!!

This one really gets my goat. They show in the still images of a scene a picture of the performer with masses of fake cum on them, making you think that something big just happened in that scene. Unfortunately, often there isn’t even a cream pie in that video, it’s just fake cum that you see dripping out of the lady in a rather weird way. To me, this is confusing and annoying. They seem to like doing this, as I see similar on the 2D sites they are promoting.

When I look in the comments for videos using this technique, I see a lot of others that don’t like this aspect of the site. It will be interesting to see if they stick with it.

Annoying Promotions

Yes, I am afraid we are back here again. The land of VR porn sites and annoying and overly aggressive advertising. WetVR has a whole screen promoting a one time deal to their 2D sites when you first login. I just want to go to the VR, not get asked to spend more money right off the bat.

Add to this, an annoying animated bar that is promoting live cam girls. This is always on just above the scenes and it’s really annoying. I hope they can adjust their marketing efforts to make them less annoying to the paying customers!

wetvrhas annoying cam girl adverts
You see those annoying cam girl adverts??

Would I recommend you subscribe to WetVR?

At the current prices, WetVR is actually a great deal. Yes, they have their problems (that I hope they address when they decide to raise prices), but currently it is totally worth it. You get a solid set of scenes with good performers and some interesting ideas thrown in. I see a lot of potential here actually, especially considering how young they are.

At this point in time, I see them as rivals to those mid ranging sites such as my current favorite in this area SexBabesVR. At the moment, they are not as good as this site but beating it purely on price. If you want to check WetVR for yourself, you can go to the official website HERE.

WetVR.com gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 3.5 out of 5

Currently being boosted by cheap pricing. fix some stuff and they are onto a winner!

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