Looking for WankzVR Discounts? [BUYER BEWARE]

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro. As the founder of this site, my mission is to be a reliable and reputable resource for VR porn consumers, and today, I want to highlight something that is the complete opposite! If you’re scouring Google for WankzVR discounts, there’s a particular scam you should be aware of.

When you Google ‘WankzVR’ the top result is a site named VR Porn Deals, leading you to believe it might be a legitimate source for actual porn discounts, right? This in fact couldn’t be further from the truth. As of the time of this article, they purport to offer a price of only $9.99 for the WankzVR monthly fee. However, the reality is that they aren’t providing any unique discounts. Instead, they’re simply directing you to the WankzVR website via their affiliate link, which gives them a commission if you subscribe. The discount they offer is not special or unique in any way!

But doesn’t VR Porn Bro also receive a commission? Yes, that’s true, but only if you read my GENUINE and TRUTHFUL review that I’ve posted after personally experiencing the service as a VR porn consumer myself. I believe it’s a fair trade-off to earn a small affiliate commission for providing an honest review of WankzVR. If you’d like to support my site and read my WankzVR review, I would appreciate it greatly. 🙂

In my view, the practices of VRPorn.deals are questionable and ought to be addressed by Google. While they don’t explicitly state it, they insinuate that you’re receiving an exclusive discount by accessing their site. However, the reality is that you’re simply receiving the same rate as if you had directly visited WankzVR.com.

How can I be so sure? Well, I experimented by visiting their site via their link and also by using a private incognito window in my browser. This process eliminates any affiliate IDs associated with the VRPorn.deals website. And the result? The price offered to me was identical in both instances. Therefore, it’s evident that they’re merely employing the standard affiliate link like everyone else, without providing any exclusive discount or offer for WankzVR. VRPorn.deals offers no value here but simply hopes they will trick you into clicking their affiliate link!

The fact of the matter is, as a WankzVR affiliate myself, it is solely WankzVR who distributes discounts for their service. It’s not usual practice for them to provide a special discount rate to an affiliate. If they did, it would likely be for a large, credible site, not a simple ‘no added value’ affiliate site like VRPorn.deals.

And do you think this is the only example? Sadly no! I found another site called porndiscounts.com doing the exact same thing for a WankzVR subscription. They are a pretty big site claiming to offer discounts for many vrporn and regular porn sites, only to be directing you to those sites with the exact same affiliate link anyone else is using. They say they have reviews of these VR porn sites, but they are no more than generic information about the site cobbled together into a post. All this information is freely available on the internet and they offer no unique insight (like I do in my actual reviews!). I wouldn’t be surprised if they are earning many thousands of dollars a month for this deceptive practice.

I genuinely hope that Google gets with the program and stops ranking these sites as the top results when people search ‘WankzVR Discounts’, and starts recognizing the honest and authentic VR porn enthusiast sites like mine with more of the limelight! However, I won’t be holding my breath! I was under the impression that these highly targeted simple affiliate sites had been de-ranked on Google, but evidently, this is not the case when it comes to VR porn!

So, I urge you not to ‘fuel the fire’, so to speak, and ensure you don’t fall into this pitfall. If you wish to click an affiliate link, I recommend doing so on a WankzVR post or review that is transparent and genuine. As I mentioned before, here is my own WankzVR review. I really do appreciate the support 🙂

Now, I’ll take my leave to investigate if anyone else is attempting similar tactics on other popular VR porn sites… wish me luck 🙂 VR Porn Bro, signing off.

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