VR Conk Review: Hidden Gem of VR Porn in 2024?

Welcome back to another VR porn review, and this time we are looking at a site called VRConk.com. A lot has changed since I first reviewed VR Conk back in 2020. Back then, they were new to the VR porn scene and clearly had issues. Thankfully, a lot of these have now been solved, so they may now live up to my original hope they could be a hidden gem in VR porn? Let’s go over this VRConk Review together 🙂

I will start with my typical disclaimer. Yes, I paid for this sub myself. And I used the Oculus Go headset during this review. So, depending on your chosen headset, some of your experiences may vary.

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

Stuff I Like…

  • Quality
  • Variety
  • Regular Updates
  • Good Blog
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Design
  • Non- intrusive Marketing
  • Quality Help Articles for Headsets

Stuff I Don’t Like…

  • Less Content than some of the Competition
  • Jack of all trades, master of none?

VR Porn Bro Rating: 4 out of 5

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What is VRConk?

VRConk.com started in 2018 as a VR Porn studio. They made quite a name for themself as championing ‘goofy’ and ‘fun’ (but still hardcore) VR videos in the fairly young VR porn market. They were taken over in 2021 by VRBangers.com, which has really helped VRConk develop into a better quality and more rounded VR porn provider. They have ironed out a lot of issues I had with them in my first few reviews!

When I first reviewed VR Conk, they had the tagline “The most innovative and exclusive VR porn on the market”, which has now been changed to ‘The best parody, fun and cosplay VR porn website’. There is certainly more parody content now than back in 2018 when they first started. These parodies are giving me serious WankzVR vibes, which is a good thing!

They started out featuring mostly European performers, but can now be seen making an effort to include more North American performers too.

How Much is VR Conk?

I have to give props to VRBangers for coming in here and doing an excellent job of sorting out the original mess that was VRConk’s pricing!

Just look at one of the images used in my initial review in 2020 below. They had all these tiers with no real explanation as to what they meant! I am sure they lost a lot of business back when they were using this!

Thankfully, we now have a simple and easy to understand pricing structure, with a monthly charge of $30 a month, which can be reduced if you agree to sign up for a whole year. I also like that VRconk now has a lifetime tier for VR porn geeks like myself who know they will be subscribed for the foreseeable future 🙂

Be aware that these prices are often reduced during the many sales VRConk holds during the year. Below you can see the prices in a recent 4th July promotion, for example.

Last but not least, VRConk offers a bundle package where you can subscribe to both VRConk and sister site VRBTrans for a reduced price.

How are the VR Conk download speeds?

VRConk have clearly invested in good servers to provide us with their porn, because I found them to be one of the fastest even when compared to the big boys!! Regularly hitting and maintaining speeds of 11MB/S and downloading a full 4.05GB file in only 6 minutes. This is impressive, and among the fastest I have seen. Just remember that I am in Asia, and the servers might be better or worse where you live.

VR Conk has excellent download speeds

UPDATE: VRConk seems to not be able to keep these high speeds consistently (at least in Asia where I live). As I recently downloaded another file and could only muster download speeds of up to 2.2MB/s, among the worst I have seen for any VR porn site. You should do your own tests downloading their trailers before you subscribe. Maybe it’s just an Asian thing. This was not down to my internet, as I tried downloading from BadoinkVR at the same time, and got speeds of 9MB/S without issue.

What we like about VR Conk?


We are in a time where it is quite common for most of the VR porn providers to have their quality dialed in by now. VRConk is no exception. Don’t expect any epic WankzVR style scenes or lengthy dialogue. However, you can expect crisp, clean VR porn with some great performers. It isn’t the absolute top of the VR porn providers (like Virtual Taboo), but definitely gives above average clarity that you can enjoy.

This quality has now been enhanced further since joining forces with VRBangers, as they can now use the excellent Play’A app that they developed. This ensures top notch quality when used, no matter what your headset is. 8k, 6k. 4k! You name a quality level and they have it 🙂

This is what saves VRConk from the VR porn wasteland 🙂 We can forgive a lot when we get to watch quality VR porn. And they are getting close to god tier virtual reality porn quality here 🙂


For such a new VR porn outfit, VRConk is trying to offer a really good selection of videos under one roof. You will find videos that fall under things such as mature, milf, interracial, amateur and teen. When most other sites are breaking these categories down into different sites with extra subscriptions, it is great to see someone trying to offer this variety under one sub. These days, it is getting harder to find such variety. You would probably have to go for a site like SexLikeReal, who takes content from a variety of studios. But because they don’t own the content, you will find the subscriptions over there are much higher.

To give you an example of this variety in action, I experienced some excellent ebony performances with VRConk. This is not something I want to subscribe to all the time, but great as an option from time to time. And the inclusion of more parody videos in recent years is adding to this variety even more!

Regular Updates

A bug bear of mine with the old VRConk ownership was that their upload schedule could be somewhat erratic. Thankfully, this is now a thing of the past and they are sticking to the industry standard (it seems) schedule of one new upload a week. With the quality and variety already great (as discussed above) this almost feels like the final piece in the puzzle to make VRConk a VR porn powerhouse 🙂

A Real Blog Section

I was pretty amazed when I saw a blog section on this website that actually interests me. Whilst most of their competitors are using their ‘blog’ to mostly promote scenes, VRConk is actually putting topical and helpful articles out there. Maybe they see this as a good way of increasing their brand awareness and getting potential VR customers on their site from organic traffic. Sounds like a great idea to me! This has only been enhanced and improved since the VRBangers takeover, with the formatting greatly improved and even more blog content. They recently even talked about the upcoming Pico headsets that most other people seem to be ignoring!

vrconk are one of the few porn sites to have a decent blog.
Yes, VR Conk actually has real blog articles!!

Competitive Pricing

VR Conk continues to have an excellent pricing structure, with consistent promotions making them one of the best value VR porn sites around. This is especially the case for those wanting to just pay a month at a time, with the price often being almost half of a lot of the competition. And if you are willing to commit to a longer signup you will be getting some of the best prices in the industry.


Their site won’t win any design awards, but I really like the overall look of the site. Super simple with big and high-quality thumbnails to put the focus firmly on the content.

Lack of Intrusive Promotions

I was very happy to see that after logging into my account, I simply got presented with the scenes available. No page of adverts or crazy pop up adverts that I have seen on some of their competitors. So well done VRConk for not falling into the trap of over-aggressive promotions!

They just have two tabs at the top of their website leading to a crappy website with VR games and a VR headset. At least it isn’t pushed on me 🙂

Yay for Help Articles

I had a go at VRConk in my original review about their weird lack of help articles for those new to VR porn and needed to learn the basics or troubleshoot basic VR headset issues. This is yet another issue they have now remedied! You will see a nice graphic on their site which simply states ‘We support all platforms’. When you click on a headset, you are taken to a simple but effective section, which shows you how to set that particular headset up for their content. Perfect!

What we don’t like about VR Conk?

Lack of Content

As this site has only been around since 2018, and for the first few years of their life they followed an erratic upload schedule, VRConk don’t have the level of content of some of their competitors. For example, at the time of writing they have just over 140 VR porn videos on their site. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a decent amount of content but when you compare to a competitor like WankzVR which has over 650, you start to see what I mean!

As stated above, they are trying to offer a good variety of VR porn, but will need time to fill in the content gaps. They will get there under the new ownership I am sure, but need some more time 🙂

Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

VRConk.com has gone down the route of covering a wider range of VR porn under one roof than a lot of the competition. For example, they have taboo content, which some other VR porn studios would have splintered off into a different site. I personally welcome this approach and like the variety, whereas some others might not like that the content for each section is spread so thinly. I mentioned the Taboo section earlier, which currently has 16 videos in it, for example 🙂

This will be a matter of taste and I highly recommend you try out VRConk for yourself to see how you like this approach.

So, should you Subscribe to VRConk?

I am going to take my hats off to the people over at VRBangers for this turnaround. They have taken a promising VR porn site and turned into a true quality option for any VR porn lover! I am now considering picking up yet another lifetime VR porn membership thanks to this recent update!!

VRConk are offering some good quality scenes, with variety not seen on most other single sites. All for some really competitive monthly prices (especially if you catch one of the many sales). The cherry on the top is the inclusion of some fun parody material that brings them more in line with some of the big boys such as Naughty America or VR Bangers.

And VRConk is not just a pretty face, they are backed up with a solid release schedule, excellent help articles and even a top quality app to watch their content through. I am gradually becoming a fan of the new and improved VRConk and so should you. What used to be a 3 star ‘get it because its cheap’ rating is now a solid ‘I’m with the big boys now’ 4 star!

If you want to check VRConk out for yourself, simply click HERE to look at their official website.

VRConk.com gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 4 out of 5

Love some of the variety and content. An up-and-coming studio!

If you have any of your own experiences with VRConk.com, we would love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

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