Czech VR Review [OVER HYPED in 2024?]

Welcome back to VR porn Bro and (finally) welcome to our Czech VR review. As this site is one that is often talked about highly in VR porn circles, I knew I would have to get round to this review sooner rather than later. When I had my very first VR headset years ago I did try Czech VR out and was impressed, so it will be interesting to catch up and see if they are still top dog!! If the thought of Czech virtual reality porn gets you horny, read our CzechVR review…

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

Stuff I Like…

  • God Tier Clarity
  • Solid Content
  • Massive Back Catologue
  • All VR Videos included
  • Good Website + Forum
  • No ‘in your face’ promotions
  • Good Headset help articles

Stuff I Don’t Like…

  • Why so many network sites? Confusing!
  • High standards slipping? or others catching up?
  • No Trial or Short Subscription
  • No longer subscription or lifetime deal (to save you money)
  • Some videos don’t work well with my headset
  • Limited Streaming quality
  • A sea of white pornstars (a little diversity would be welcome)

VR Porn Bro Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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I accessed Czech VR using my Oculus Go headset, so be aware that you may get slightly different results depending on the headset you are using. Also, this is not a sponsored post. I paid for my own subscription in full in order to do this review, and intend to keep it honest and unbiased. I want you to trust my reviews and come back to them again and again.

What is Czech VR?

If you have been around the VR porn scene a while, you have probably heard a lot about Czech VR. But for those of you living under a rock (or brand new to VR porn), I will fill you in 🙂

welcome to our czechvr review.

Czech VR has been around for quite a while, having released their first VR porn scene to the world in 2015. Not the oldest VR porn studio, but pretty close! The reason Czech VR has been able to build a good reputation in this industry is down to how fast they mastered their VR clarity. When others were floundering with their VR scale, camera position and clarity, Czech VR had no such issues. Back in the day, they were the ones everyone referred to as having ‘god tier’ quality. It will be interesting to see if this still holds up.

When you sign up to Czech VR, you get access to their full network of sites, including a fetish site, an intimate stripping site and a casting couch site. They even throw in some non-vr 2D porn, but it is pretty terrible stuff, in my opinion (dating back to 2016 and earlier).

Who is Behind Czech VR?

Unsurprisingly, all of the Czech VR related sites are in the Czech VR Network. Ales Tesar is also mentioned in their privacy policy, but I can’t work out if this is a person or a company 🙂 It’s hard when you don’t know the lingo!! From what i can see, this is a Czech owned and run business. They have been around for a long time, so you can definitely trust them with your hard earned porn dollars.

How Much Does Czech VR Cost?

One of the reasons I finally got around to this review is the fact that they FINALLY had a sale. I was able to get a 30% discount on my membership, which brings it down to a more competitive price. In my experience, it is quite rare for them to have sales like this, so if you see this again and like their content, you should jump on it.

You are certainly paying for Czech VR’s high status in the VR porn world, though, as they are one of the more expensive providers on the market. The fact the longest subscription you can get is half a year seems crazy to me. I don’t think I have ever seen another site that does this. This makes their yearly cost quite high compared to many of their competitors.

This is slightly balanced by the fact they are not breaking up into different sites you pay for separately. If you look at BadoinkVR, for example, they sectioned off all their content and require a different subscription for each. WankzVR do something similar too. So, at least you get everything from the CzechVR Network for one price.

How are the Czech VR download speeds?

I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the download speeds they have over at Czech! I was able to download my scenes at a constant 11MB/S, meaning that a 7 gigabyte file could download in around 11 minutes. For my particular setup, this seems to be the best I can expect (I live in Asia).

The only slightly weird thing is that they don’t seem to use a CDN (content delivery network). With a CDN it automatically works out the best server for your location in the background. Whereas with Czech VR, you simply choose from 3 server areas Asia, US or Europe. So, I suppose if you live outside of these locations you can expect slower downloads. In this day and age, this is a bit outdated from Czech VR.

the download speeds i got from Czech VR network.

I was able to stream the Czech VR scenes to my headset with very little buffering, which is great too.

Czech VR does offer a wide variety of downloads or streams to suit the different headsets on the market. It’s a simple process to find the one you need too.

the download options on Czech VR are good.

What did we like about Czech VR?

God Tier Clarity

They are still up there with pretty much the best VR clarity and quality out there. Czech VR are experts at camera positioning, scale and clarity of shot, and continue to be in the ‘god tier’ level of quality. I have to say, I am amazed that after all these years they are still ahead of everyone else! When you compare them to my current favorite for quality Virtual Taboo, Czech VR still come out as clear winners. With any modern headset, you will be amazed at the clarity you will see. And if you have never seen VR porn before, be prepared to be blown away!

Of course, they provide their virtual reality porn in all the latest formats, from 4k, 6k and up to 8k and 180 degree viewing. This is pretty standard these days though. It means you can have any VR device from a Quest 2 or Vive to an ancient Gear VR and you will find the resolution you need!

Decent Content

To be honest, I want to put this in a section called ‘Things we are on the fence about’. I haven’t found the Czech VR porn anything groundbreaking or amazing, but it is something solid and enjoyable.

They are mostly using Eastern European performers with the odd smattering of American or European performers. When they have an Eastern European performer that is not confident with English, they ask them to speak in their native language (which is often Czech as far as I know). I would rather they do this than try to get them to speak broken English, but it still breaks the immersion for me. I have a girl talking to me in a language I don’t understand, it’s a bit weird 🙂

Often in group scenes, they seem to match a performer with good English with one not so confident. This helps a lot, but even the Eastern European performers with good English on this site still aren’t that great. One of their competitors has found a better way around this. Often in group scenes, they have one native English-speaking performer alongside one or more local performers with varying degrees of English. The native English speaker will help to carry the scene and provide convincing dialogue (for VR porn anyway!). Maybe this is a direction Czech VR needs to consider.

I was expecting to be treated to some super attractive models with Czech VR but was honestly left underwhelmed. A lot are attractive, but not what I would consider top tier 🙂 Of course, this is a matter of taste. Both Virtual Real Porn and Virtual Taboo have more of what I would consider top tier talent, certainly among those studios from Eastern Europe.

With fetish and solo content included in the network, you will find a lot of content to suit a variety of tastes.

Massive Back Catalogue

If you are looking for a site with a big bank of VR porn scenes, this is the site for you. As they were first to master the VR porn quality, you can still find excellent quality in the earlier scenes from years ago. This is quite rare that a VR porn catalogue is so usable! At the time of writing, the Czech VR Network is boasting over 700 videos on their service. I don’t think even the most hardcore VR porn enthusiasts could get through that!!

All content for one price

As mentioned above, it is great that you get access to all of the Czech VR Network sites for one price, even if that price is a little on the high side 🙂 This is a massive amount of content, covering several different scene types. Some of their competitors should take note of this, as I am pretty sick of seeing others with 4 or 5 sites in a network you need to pay separately for. A lot of them don’t even offer a group discount! On a side note though, if you don’t like seeing woman being ‘fisted’ or ‘gaped’ don’t forget to use the site’s filters. This is the downside of opening up fetish content to all 🙂

Well made website

I really like the Czech VR site, it has a clean and well designed look to it. You can quickly and easily find whatever you need, and everything you need to interact with is clear and easy to use. They have filters that make it easy to set up so that you only see the content you are interested in. And it is great to see a more ‘classy’ design without the use of those stereotypical porn pinks!! Good job Czech VR Network 🙂

this is the Czech VR homepage. I like their website design.

The only slightly strange thing about the site, is the password change option says ‘under construction’ next to it. Isn’t this a basic feature of any membership website??

some weirdness on the Czech VR options!

Fully Fledged Forum

Czech VR have a very substantial forum feature that allows it users to give their feedback on scenes and offer guidance for future content. This seems to be widely used by many members too, which is great. They even put a handy link to the appropriate discussion under each scene on the site, which makes it easy to find the exact discussion you need and contribute. I also like the design of the forum, it is well laid out and professional looking.

Czech VR has some great forums.

No ‘In Your Face’ Cross Promotions

When using Czech VR you won’t see many adverts, and the ones you do are very tasteful. This is great, because there is nothing worse than paying for a service and then feeling like they are still pushing you to buy more. I know VR porn sites need to make money, but I hope more of them can do it as tastefully as this example!

Good Help Articles

It’s great to see that Czech VR have up to date help articles using most of the latest VR headsets. They have clear instructions for downloading and watching VR porn from their site. The only thing that would make this better is to include help on streaming to your headset too. There are some hints here or there that they recommend DEO VR player, but nothing detailed to explain this.

some basic instructions on how to watch vr porn on your headset.

What didn’t we like about Czech VR?

Why So Many Sites?

Yes, you will find a lot of scenes here and a good variety of Czech porn movies (over 700, in fact!). The problem is that these are scattered across so many network sites! This is a trend many other VR porn studios are following too, splintering their content out into multiple sites for each different porn genre. Want to see fetish? Go to Czech VR Fetish! How about amateur? Oh, that would be Czech VR Amateur! Get the idea?

The weird part is that, as I said above, you pay one fee for your premium subscription, so why not have all this content on one site? It seems weird (and mildly annoying) to have to jump around multiple sites. At least group some broad themes together!

the performers on czech vr network are mostly white europeans.

On a side note, surely they can come up with better shots of their performers 🙂 These don’t exactly flatter them!

Low Effort!

For a site that has been around for quite a while and has made a lot of money from VR porn, it is a shame they are not putting more effort into their setup. You won’t see many epic set pieces here with sets and extensive role play or costumes. They make more effort on events such as Christmas, but still can’t boast the epic scenes found over at the likes of VRBangers or Wankz VR.

Other than moving the camera from time to time, Czech VR is not doing anything new or revolutionary in the VR porn world. If they think innovations are not possible, they should go look at the recent Sex Like Real Originals!!

Getting Sloppy in their Old Age!!

I feel like some people over at Czech VR are letting their standards slip slightly. I noticed several scenes where the performer had a ladder in her tights at the start of the scene. Was this done on purpose? Personally, I don’t think so. Also, many of the sets had their curtains pulled. These curtains often looked a bit worse for wear with a few rings missing! Not massive problems, but Czech VR should really be paying more attention to these smaller details. If you have OCD, do not watch their porn!! ha ha!!

No Trial or Long Term Subscription

The subscription options available here are quite limiting. No short term trial to try out their content for a nominal cost, as well as no plan longer than six months. When they were standing alone as the top dog of VR porn they could have gotten away with this, but not any more. I am certainly finding this a limiting factor to subscribing for any great length of time after my current plan expires.

Videos didn’t Seem to Perfectly Fit my Headset!

As stated above, I have an Oculus Go. Some of the videos I downloaded were clearly marked as being for my headset, but didn’t play smoothly. Upon further inspection, I found the resolution was a tad too high for my headset. It is great that they supported my headset, but they should make sure the videos fit its specifications better. Other sites I use seem to do this without much trouble. I think they are confusing the Oculus Quest with the Go. The quest can connect to a PC and work with higher resolutions, but the Oculus Go cannot.

Limited Streaming Quality

When streaming their content to my headset I was very happy that it streamed almost perfectly without buffering. However, this joy was slightly dampened by the realization that the top streaming quality available was 1920p. Don’t get me wrong this is still a good quality level for this headset, but some of their competitors can stream to my headset at 2160p with no issues. I think it is related to the problem above, that they haven’t tuned their content well enough to my particular headset. It is definitely available on the site, they just haven’t made it accessible on my Oculus Go in the right way.

Lack of Diversity

The typical Czech pornstar is white so the typical Czech VR pornstar is also white 🙂 To be fair, in recent times they are trying to sprinkle in some more diversity, but it’s still not that great. If you like diverse performers in your VR porn this maybe isn’t for you.

Should you Subscribe to Czech VR?

Czech VR is still champions of VR porn clarity! If this is your main priority, then go no further and subscribe! No-one touches Czech for clarity, they must have some kind of VR camera voodoo to do this for so many years!! Even with the issues I had with the Oculus Go not fitting their video specs perfectly, the view I got is still jaw dropping! Add to this the sheer amount of scenes on offer here, and they are onto a winner!!

The problem they have is that of complacency. Being at the top of the VR porn world for so long, they are letting some things slip. They need to pay attention to these small details, as other VR porn studios are definitely catching up to them now.

For me personally, do I see myself switching to CzechVR permanently? Even though they have the best clarity, I would still choose Virtual Taboo as they are not too far off and are cheaper for me to subscribe to. As an English speaker, I find their content better suited too!

I would love to know what you think. Access both below to compare for yourself!!

Here’s the LINK to CzechVR’s official website, whereas here’s the LINK for Virtual Taboo. Let me know how you get on 🙂 gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 4.5 out of 5


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