WankitNow VR Review

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro. Today we are looking at a new VR porn service called WankitNow VR (found at wankitnowvr.com). No, that is not a city in Eastern Europe, it’s the name of a virtual reality porn site 🙂 The question is, will it be any good? Well, as always, let’s find out together!

Ever heard of wanking encouragement of jerk off instructions? If not, you are about to 🙂 It’s a unique category of VR porn, I can tell you!!

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

Stuff I Like…

  • Good Quality
  • Good for Dialogue Lovers
  • Unique Content
  • Excellent Upload Schedule
  • No Annoying Cross Promotion Ads
  • Good Support Articles (for headset etc)
  • Good for Fans of the British Accent/ Performers!

Stuff I Don’t Like…

  • No Short Term Subscription or Trial
  • Worst Name and Logo EVER
  • Lack of Variety (only for the Masturbation Encouragement Lovers)
  • Exclusive Videos?

VR Porn Bro Rating: 3 out of 5

The VR Porn Bro Promise

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A few disclaimers to start off with. I am viewing this VR porn through my Oculus Go headset. Be aware that your mileage when watching these VR videos may vary depending on the headset you are using and the resolution you can watch with it!

Also, I viewed the WankitNow VR (I am going to get real tired typing that!!) content on the SexLikeReal website. This means that, although I was able to watch a wide variety of their content, I didn’t have access to the member’s area on their website. This is what I refer to as a ‘lite’ review, and I intend to come back and do a full review when I have the chance 🙂

What is WankitNow VR?

WankitNow VR is a wanking encouragement site or jerk off instruction site! Hopefully, you have watched some British movies in the past so you have some idea what wanking is!! In case you haven’t, in the United Kingdom, ‘wanking’ is the name given to ‘jerking off’. Not to be confused with ‘wanker’ which is a rude name you call people you don’t like!

So, to put this in plain English, it is a masturbation encouragement site. The performers will strip whilst talking dirty to you, pretending that you are ‘wanking’ and encouraging you to do it more 🙂

Get jerk off instructions at WankitNow!!

Although WankitnowVR is still mainly a striptease site, the content has changed slightly since I originally reviewed them back in 2020! They now have the occasional more traditional boy/ girl hardcore scene mixed in with all the striptease videos and dildo/ fake torso videos. I would day that this slight shift is a good thing catering to a slightly wider audience. There is a very limited group of people that only want non-hardcore striptease videos 24/7!

Who is behind WankitNow VR?

Although, as far as I can tell, WankitNow VR has only been around since mid 2019, the people behind the site have had similar 2D sites for ten years. So, they are no strangers to this type of porn. In fact, you will see most of the performers on this site on their sister sites, too. If you like a British babe, you will love their sites! This is their typical formula, it seems!

It’s nice to know that the people behind this site do have a good amount of 2D porn experience.

How much is WankitNow VR?

Unless you are lucky enough to sign up when they are running a special offer, the regular price is quite high for my liking. I suppose this is a niche site, so the people that like this content might be willing to pay more for it.

A regular price of $24.95 a month rebilled at $29.95 is pretty high in my book. This might also be the downside of working with exclusively British models. The cost of living in the UK is much higher than America, so I imagine their costs are higher too. Or maybe they just want that air of exclusivity!

What did we like about WankitNow VR?

Good Quality

For a company that appears to be new to VR porn, they have definitely met the industry standard level of clarity here. You will also find their videos going up to a maximum of 5.7k quality, which is a weird number to market but will be more than enough to max out most modern VR headsets. Although with their competition all doing 6k and 8k vr videos, they should really upgrade by now!

There are no epic set pieces here, but the light role play that is done on the service is usually backed up with decent effort. For example, when doing a nurse scene, you will see a backdrop with all the relevant props to help you feel the immersion.

Good for Dialogue Lovers

If you like dialogue and woman talking dirty to you, this may be the site for you. WankitNow VR scenes often start with big chunks of dialogue before any of the ‘action’ happens.

Just be aware that most of this dialogue is with the British accent. Personally, I find it a bit weird to hear a British person talk dirty, but that is probably just me!!

Unique Content

You won’t find many other VR porn providers offering this exact combination of content. The main premise is to put you in normal everyday situations involving woman, where for some reason the woman ‘gets frisky’ with you. Something that would probably never happen in real life, but hey that’s what VR porn is for!

if you like striptease videos, this might be your jam!
Saucy Nurse Roleplay – Check!

There is some ‘forced’ content too, where for some reason you have gotten a woman into a situation where she owes you something and is forced to strip. This is all very polite and friendly, as you might expect from the British 🙂

The masturbation encouragement or jerk off instruction angle isn’t one I have heard before either, and I don’t think I have seen a VR porn site with so many British performers. All in all, it’s pretty unique.

If you need some words of encouragement or masturbation encouragement videos in your life whilst wanking it out, look no further!

Good Rate of Upload

WankitNow VR is saying that they will update and upload four scenes a week, and seem to be sticking to this promise well. This is a rapid rate of upload for a VR porn site, and I wonder if they can keep this up for the long haul. So far, so good though! This really is an epic update schedule when compared to others!

No Annoying Cross Promotion

Even though they do own some 2D VR porn sites, I don’t think I ever saw any kind of cross promotional adverts to encourage me to subscribe to them too. I don’t mind a few of these, but it is nice to see they are not following the ‘in your face’ hard sell that some of their competition are doing.

Up to Date Support Articles

It is good to see that in their help articles they do talk about some of the more recent virtual reality headsets on the market, such as the Oculus Go and PSVR. Although, they have still missed out the Oculus Quest and the recent Valve Index. Also, their frequently asked questions section is from a 2D site and has no mention of VR or VR headsets or playback!

Wankitnow do support most modern VR headsets.

Good for The Only Way is Essex Fans 🙂

If you have ever heard of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and wanted to get in intimate situations with similar woman to the show (in virtual reality!), you are in luck. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about, check out The Only Way is Essex HERE.

A great example of this is British Babe Natalia Forrest, a performer they use a lot with varying degrees of fake tan 🙂

if you like fake tan with your VR porn, Natalia Forrest is your girl :)

What didn’t we like about WankitNow VR?

No Short Term Subscriptions

It’s a shame they don’t offer any trial subscriptions or short 2 day passes, as I think it would be vital for this type of site. I am sure that a lot of people might browse the site and not be sure if they would like it enough to warrant the investment in a months subscription. They would get a lot more takers if they offered something more short term to let people really see what is behind the paywall.

That Name & That Logo!!

I know I have talked about some bad logos on VR Porn Bro, but this one takes the biscuit. Not only are they using garish (and steretypically porn) pink, but it looks like they asked a first year GCSE design student to make their logo for them. It has to be one of the worst I have ever seen! (No offense GCSE design students!!).

The site itself is fine but please upgrade that god awful logo 🙂

And the name is not helping either….. WankitNow VR!! It’s too long and sounds plain weird, even if you do get the British slang used! Is it better if I type like this….. Wank It Now VR?? Maybe a bit, but please. I am assuming their isn’t a BTEC Marketing graduate among them 🙂

Lack of Variety

When viewing this site, you are greeted mostly with white British ladies. They do occasionally throw in the occasional Asian, but most of the time it is straight down the line White and British. Nothing wrong with this, but doesn’t show much variety. At least they have different ages and body types to break it up 🙂

They also seem to use the same models over and over again. It would not be strange to see the same performer in over five scenes, something I don’t often see on other VR porn sites. This probably helps them stick to their tight upload schedules, but doesn’t do much for variety.

a snapshot of some performers on WankitNow VR.

Exclusive Videos?

A minor gripe, but they claim to have exclusive videos only to be found on WankitNow VR. I actually accessed their videos on the SexLikeReal service, so this claim isn’t technically true.

WankitNow VR claims exclusivity of their videos.

Should you subscribe?

This is quite a niche group of people that this site is targeting. If you like Striptease style videos, the British accent and some busty lady in sexy lingerie encouraging you to ‘wank off’ and ‘cum’, then this might be for you. To be fair, there aren’t many VR porn services I know of that use so much British talent, so they are definitely on to something there.

Be warned, though, you must like dialogue. This content is very dialogue heavy. If you like striptease videos, I am guessing you probably also like dialogue to set up the strip tease, so these things go hand in hand.

If you are looking for ultimate quality and variety of content, there are other striptease VR services that do this better. If you like British woman talking dirty and stripping, then this may be your thing 🙂

What I would say as a typical VR porn user, is that when you look at the price of the WankitNow VR service, you might as well just subscribe to SexlikeReal instead, as the price is exactly the same. You would then get a good chunk of their scenes along with a big variety of other scenes to boot. Seems like a no-brainer to me, unless you are REALLY into what WankitNow VR offer.

This is a hard site to recommend or not, as it is so niche. If you have any remote interest, you should go to their website HERE and watch a few trailers to see if you like it.

For everyone else with a milder interest, you should check them out as part of the wider SexLikeReal service HERE.

WankItNowVR.com get a VR Porn Bro Rating of 3 out of 5


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