FuckPassVR Review [NEW VR PORN SITE]

As the VR Porn Bro, I have to say I have been starved of new VR porn sites lately! So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I found out that the people behind VRHush are now making a new VR porn site: FuckPassVR.com! But the million dollar question is…is it any good? Read on to find out!

Disclaimer: I used my Pico G2 4K to watch the VR porn videos on this site. Your experience may vary depending on the quality of VR headset you use. Also, I used my own money to purchase a subscription to FuckPassVR.com.

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

Stuff I Like…

  • Sexy Performers
  • Unique Content
  • Variety
  • Quality VR Product
  • Great Theming

Stuff I Don’t Like…

  • No Trial or Short Subscription
  • Lack of Content Archive (as a fairly new site)
  • Long time to get to the action

VR Porn Bro Rating: 4 out of 5

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What is FuckPassVR?

I have to say I have been around VR porn for some time and this has to be one of the most original and interesting ideas for a VR porn site that I have ever seen! What they have decided to do is make their VR sex scenes based upon country. For each destination, you will be greeted to a performance by a native of that very country. At the moment, these scenes are filmed in similar locations, but if the site takes off they plan to jet around the world to the real locations to give extra authenticity to the porn.

I have seen a lot of new sites just go for the typical VR porn mix with not much imagination, so it is great to see a site that really goes for an interesting theme for its content.

How Much is FuckPassVR?

FuckPassVR is going for a pretty typical pricing structure, with a month costing $19.95 and a full year subscription $89.95. And it is great to see they have a lifetime offer, something I love as a VR porn connoisseur! LMAO! It’s a shame their sister site VRHush doesn’t have this!

At the time of writing they are having a special launch sale that gets you 50% off these regular prices, so hurry if you like what you see!

What I Like about FuckPassVR

Sexy Performers

Although this is personal preference, I have been loving pretty much all of the pornstars used on FuckPassVR so far. And the different nationalities lend to a more exotic feel to some of the performers. This is my preference over all Eastern Europeans or all American stars, like we see on a lot of VR porn sites.

One of the first scenes I watched was one with Eveline Dellai based around the Italian location San Marzano. Not only is Eveline hot as hell, but she spoke a lot in Italian throughout the scene, which added to the sexiness! And she did one of the best anal scenes I have experienced in VR! What a great start! I was wowed by many performances on this site, I can tell you!


I have not seen anyone else in the VR porn world attempt this style of scenes based upon the nationality of the performers, and it makes the whole thing fresh and interesting to me. If you are tired of VR porn and need someone new, this could be the thing that re-ignites your passion. It certainly did for me!


The benefit of basing the porn on where the pornstars are from ensures a good amount of variety. I have seen all kinds of shapes, sizes and nationalities of performers on this site. The only obvious admission right now is African stars, but the site is new and I am sure this will be addressed in time.

Quality Product

You can tell these guys are experienced when it comes to VR porn. They are straight out of the gate with top tier quality. This means excellent camera clarity and angles, making our VR porn experience smooth and immersive. You can see they have taken what they learned from VRHush and built on it!

Great Theming

I love the look of the website, with the national flags influencing the colors of each scene’s thumbnail. And I am amazed that this site is made by the same people as VRHush, as FuckPassVR has a much sleeker and more modern design than the garish and bordering ugly sister site!! It just feels great to navigate the site, and everything we need is there right out of the gate.

What I Don’t Like about FuckPassVR

No Trial or Short Subscription

I bang on about this a lot. As for some reason, many VR porn sites don’t like giving trials or short subscriptions. Maybe it’s because they think people will steal their content! If that’s the case, simply make the trial streaming only! Come on guys, just give us a 1 day pass that we pay a dollar or two for. This will get so many more people interested in joining the site! Trust me, trailers aren’t enough in this day and age!

Back Catologue

As a new site, FuckPassVR doesn’t have a massive back catalogue of scenes like some of the competition. Don’t get me wrong, for a site that has literally just launched, they have a decent amount of content, but don’t expect to be able to binge watch their scenes for too long!! I am sure this will quickly be sorted out, as they are saying they will upload ideally 6 new scenes a month.

Long Intros

Again, this is my personal preference, but I found some of the intros a bit long and a bit too far on the cringe-worthiness scale! Lol! The Italian scene highlighted above was awesome because of the amazing Eveline Dellai, but I had to sit through ten minutes of pretty painful dialogue to get there! I get it. They want to set the scene and make you feel like you are in the location. This will work much better when they can physically go to those locations. In the meantime, they should cut the intros and spare me the painful pornstar ‘acting’!!

Should You Subscribe to FuckPassVR?

I have to say I really like the idea behind this site and I have enjoyed wanking my way… I mean, working my way through all of their current content. If you like this concept too, you should jump right in. The quality is on point and they are pumping out a good amount of scenes. All backed up by some top quality performances from some top quality pornstars. I know that I personally will be working my way through this site. I really enjoyed my initial experience that much! And I put my money where my mouth is by buying a lifetime sub!!

FuckPassVR really has stormed out of the gate here, and I really only see this site going from strength to strength! I look forward to seeing how they develop it! Check out the website for yourself HERE.

FuckPassVR.com get a VR Porn Bro Rating of 4 out of 5

What a great concept! Just need more content!

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