VRHush Review: Worth the $$?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro and welcome back to yet another review. We seem to be knocking them out right now 🙂 Today we are looking at an interesting site VRHush.com. Will they prove to be worth your time? Let’s find out together!

As always, I will start by saying that I reviewed VRHush on my Oculus Go (which I love!). However, you may get different results with other VR headsets, so please bear this in mind. Also, this is not a sponsored review. I paid for my own subscription in order to do this review.

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What is VRHush.com?

VRHush were started in 2016, and offer a pretty vanilla style of VR porn. In VR porn terms, VRHush are an established member of the genre and have a decent amount of content on offer.

How much is VRHush?

VRHush comes in at the lower end of the pricing scale when compared to other VR porn sites. They are especially cheap when you buy an annual subscription, or as you can see below when they have a special promotion.

Click the image below to go check out the latest pricing on the official website.

What are their download speeds like?

I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised during my porn site reviews, to see how rare it is to get slow servers. And VRHush continues that theme with some of the faster servers I have seen. Whilst downloading a 4.4GB file the speeds were pretty consistently at the 11MB/S mark, and only took just over eight minutes. This is pretty impressive stuff, just please bear in mind I am using the website from Asia. Your results may vary depending on location.

vrhush has some of the faster servers for downloading

UPDATE: I have recently experienced some instability with the VRHush website, where it wasn’t responding for a while. Hopefully this is just an isolated problem and will get fixed up soon. In the image below it says it was down for a week, which wasn’t true. But you might want to check again before you subscribe.

i have experienced some downtime with the vrhush website recently
it happened again, vrhush is down

What we like about VRHush

Good Download Choices

VRHush offer an excellent range of quality options for you to choose from when downloading a scene. Not all VR porn providers offer this. I was also able to stream (when their servers allowed) using the Oculus browser, although I want to get a VR player working as it will allow more adjustments to the video.

vrhush has some great choice for downloads

Good Upload Rate

VRHush are in the lower tier of VR porn sites in terms of price. Therefore, it is great to see that they have a decent upload rate when compared to some others at this level. They advertise one scene a week, and they top this up by offering another scene a week, which is titled “from the vault”. These are fan favorite scenes they are bringing back. I don’t mind this, as it gives me more content and saves me from searching through their archives myself. I recently reviewed VRConk, who are at a similar level and are currently barely making an upload schedule close to this.

No ‘in your face’ Promotions

Once in the members area, you won’t have to worry about annoying promotions as there aren’t any. This means you can focus in on the content they have at hand.

Feedback on Video

I like how they have the ability to post comments directly under each video, rather than having to access a forum or separate page.

Good Quality

VRHush do know how to put together a quality VR scene, with camera angles, scale and clarity up to par with some more expensive competition. This is also backed up with some high quality performers thrown into the mix. The only slight issue I had was that occasionally the camera positioning was a little bit off. However, this is easily fixed by most modern VR players.

Also, like BadoinkVR, they have a massive tab with their logo on the 180 degree border of the video. As someone who likes to look around my porn scenes, I find this immersion breaking to say the least.

I had some really great experiences at times with VRHush. Their recent Christmas special included some great angles for BJ’s that you don’t see often, it was true VR porn magic.

Good Mix of Performers

As a lower tier VR site in terms of price, you won’t see any ‘famous’ porn stars here. Although, they do seem to offer a good mix of American and European performers. And the quality of the performers actual performance is usually very good.

What we don’t like about VRHush

No Short Subscriptions

With no short subscriptions, trials or full free scenes to view, I feel that VRHush are leaving a lot on the table. If they offered these things, it could help people get a taste of what their content is like and subscribe. In my opinion, trailers aren’t enough!

Not Much Variety or Creativity

When you look at the sites recent uploads, they are not really offering great variety. It is more of a mish mash than a consistent plan of varied content. So, you will get a lot of regular straight sex scenes as your bread and butter. Then, they seem to like Nina Hartley a lot so throw her in from time to time. To me, she is a pretty mature performer, so is a bit weird throwing her in among the mostly young and fit other performers. Then you get the odd threesome or ebony scene thrown in too. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good scenes in there, its just a bit of a mess in terms of theme.

This is made worse by the fact that you will see very little creativity on show here. The occasional lightly themed seasonal content is the best you are going to get. They also had one interesting idea to have a ‘help me get showered’ scene. But that’s about as far as the creativity goes.

Your Design makes my Eyes Hurt!

As you may have guessed from the title, I am really not a fan of this sites design. It has a garish color scheme, made up of overly bright stereotypical colors for adult content. You know, that whole red light district vibe. Classy or understated isn’t something VRHush know. And then there’s that logo. Seriously, in this day and age it’s funny to see a logo that low rent. Talk about cliche ‘porn’ design!! Take a look below yourself and tell me what you think in the comments section below. Am I being too harsh?

The only saving grace is at least it looks better when in VR than on a 2D desktop.

Lack of Categories

VRHush.com doesn’t appear to have any easily accessible categories to help you sort through their content, a pretty basic feature that most VR porn sites offer these days. You end up only having tags next to already posted videos, which you can click on to find other similar content. It works, but it’s a bit fiddly, especially if doing inside a headset like me!

Out of date help articles

They do have decent help articles which are easily accessible, they are just woefully out of date. It feels like they are referring to some of the first VR headsets that came out. Not a major deal, as a lot of instructions should still help those with newer headsets, but would be nice to update all the same.

the vrhush help pages are out of date

Should you subscribe to VRHush?

VRHush turned out to be a pretty good bread and butter VR porn site for the price. They don’t stray far from a pretty basic formula, but they are able to offer a good level of quality. This quality helps make up for some of their flaws and pulls them through to being a mid-table contender.

To be honest, as VR porn quality is getting much better across the board, it becomes more based on the different site’s content and which you personally prefer.

I will note that this site goes on quite heavy discount at times. During these times, they are an excellent proposition for such a low price.

To see what offers they are currently running, go check out the official website HERE.

VRHush.com gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 3 out of 5

Good quality, but being pulled down by lack of variety. A no brainer if you get a good deal though!

What do you think to VRHush, we would love to hear about any of your experiences below.

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