Virtual Taboo Review: Good VR porn alternative?

Want a real review from a REAL VR PORN user who actually uses this service? Today, I take a look at a VR porn site called Virtual Taboo, a site I have personally used for several years now. As the name suggests, they have got some videos about some pretty taboo subjects. Will they prove to be worth your VR porn budget? Put your credit card away for now, let’s find out more first 🙂

If you are a regular reader, you will have this part memorized! But, I reviewed this site with my Oculus Go and then a Pico G3 Virtual Reality Headsets. If your VR headset is different, you may get differing results. Also, I am a fully paid subscriber to this site, something I paid for myself.

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

Stuff I Like…

  • Great Video Clarity
  • Physically High Quality Performers
  • Great Portal Design
  • Great Variety
  • Excellent Voyeur Content
  • Promotions not ‘in my face’
  • They actually listen to Feedback!!
  • Simple Streaming Setup
  • $250 lifetime option a steal!

Stuff I Don’t Like…

  • Taboo = Step Family Scenes 🙂
  • Weird Kawaii Outfits (some may like but not me!)
  • No trial or short subscription
  • More flexibility on Downloads
  • Bad Acting
  • Bad Support Pages

VR Porn Bro Rating: 4.5 out of 5

The VR Porn Bro Promise

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What is Virtual Taboo?

Virtual Taboo has been around in the VR porn world since 2015, so are among the most established players out there. They focus on ‘Taboo’ content, which is mostly based around compromising situations (i.e. sex scenes) with step family members. Virtual Taboo are a European based porn studio and therefore have quite a high number of European performers.

How much is Virtual Taboo?

Virtual Taboo have a good number of pricing options that go all the way up to a $250 lifetime membership, which I think is great! If you ignore the special offer they were running at the time of writing, the $29.99 monthly subscription base cost is quite high. Even the $8.33 a month for an annual subscription is in the mid to high range when compared to others in the same space. It’s a shame not to see any short-term subscription options. They did offer the ability to buy single videos, but I don’t know why as these individual videos are somewhat overpriced in my opinion.

Click the image below to go have a look at Virtual Taboo’s latest pricing options.

How are their download speeds?

I do live in Asia, but do have fiber level internet. Please bear this in mind 🙂

I found that the Virtual Taboo servers were more than up to the job.

how fast are virtual taboo's servers?

Whilst downloading a 4.36GB file the download speed hovered around 8-11MB/S, so in the upper tier when compared to other similar sites. The whole file was downloaded in a slightly above average 8 minutes.

I also had no issues streaming their content in high quality, with very little buffering needed.

What do I like about them?

Crazy Video Clarity and Performers

In a VR porn landscape where a lot of people know how to put out high clarity VR porn, it takes a lot for video quality to impress me these days. But did this in spades. They have some of the highest clarity porn I have seen, really making their scenes pop. When you match this to some incredibly attractive, mostly European performers, you are onto a winner in my book.

Great Design

This has to be my new favorite in terms of VR porn website design. They have a more clean and classy feel to the site, with white being the primary colour in the scheme. I really like this approach, and don’t know why so many VR porn sites like to overcomplicate things. This also rings true for any icons used on the site, being clean, high quality and easy to read. Kudos Virtual Taboo.

Good Content Variety

Although the name of the site might have you thinking that they would have lots of more extreme VR porn on offer, this really isn’t the case. They have a couple of double penetration scenes, a couple of fisting scenes and some mature performers, but it isn’t much more than some other more main stream sites. It seems they feel the need to do that because of their name, but aren’t exactly showing much commitment to the more extreme parts.

However, what this does translate into is a great scene selection. You will find everything from a solo performer scene, masturbation scene, group sex, milf, lesbian scene and teen content all under one roof. I particularly liked a few of their scenes that included some threesomes with creative camera positioning. They also have a good variety in video length, which makes a change from every video being 40 minutes plus long (like you usually get).

With a lot of competitors splitting up their content into different sites, it is getting harder to find such selection in one place.

It’s just a shame that (like everyone else) they gave up on female POV content for now. It seems the VR porn industry is not ready for this yet 🙂

Great for Voyeur Lovers

I love voyeur porn, but it seems the VR porn industry isn’t such a fan. For me specifically, I love watching another performer nail the star that I myself am nailing! Virtual Taboo is GREAT for this and they have many threesomes of this nature. If you, like me, enjoy this type of content, it’s an instant subscribe!

Good Balance of Promotions

From my experience, Virtual Taboo seems to have struck a great balance when it comes to promotions on their site. I understand they are a business and need to make money. This is helped by being able to promote other sites for a fee. However, some of their competitors make this too obtrusive and annoying. You don’t want to feel sold to when you are already paying a decent amount for a subscription.

Virtual Taboo just has some tasteful and great looking ads for other sites on the top of their page after you log in. They fit right into the site and don’t feel jarring at all. Then they have a tab for ‘deals’ that you can go to if that interests you. Well done Virtual Taboo, many others get this wrong!

this is how promotion should be done on vr porn sites.
This is how cross promoting should be done.

Video Feedback

I really like the fact that Virtual Taboo has a comments section right under each video on that video’s main page. It allows for quick and easy community feedback and discussion. And most of the time, they seem pretty active. Other sites do offer this, but usually it is in a separate forum section of the website. I bet many users don’t even know that the forum section exists, so I much prefer this idea of having comments right under the video. And the Virtual Taboo team actually seems to listen to the feedback on here, which is a bonus 🙂

Simple Streaming

Not all sites have gotten this down yet, but Virtual Taboo make it simple and straight forward. On my Oculus Go, I could just follow the GizmoVR links in the download section. This worked flawlessly for me, and much better than those sites that seem to like using the DEO VR Player. Most times, that player gives me issues!! It’s even easier if you access the Virtual Taboo site directly through the GizmoVR player.

What don’t I like about them?

Only step family scenes? Really?

Virtual Taboo seems to base most of their content around the whole idea of family members getting into sexual encounters together. This is where the ‘Taboo’ comes from, and it is used a lot on this site. To be honest, it kind of gets old for me pretty fast, and it would be nice to see the taboo-ness (is that even a word??) of their site being expanded to new ideas and story lines. They could do with some more creativity in the type of videos they make. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a milf call the male performer her ‘step son’ and cringed pretty much every time.

Weird Kawaii Outfits

They have used some pretty strange looking outfits in some videos in the Japanese cute Kawaii style. It’s kind of like a westerner trying and failing to pull off this Japanese style. Maybe it’s just me, take a look at these outfits and let me know in the comments section below what you think 🙂 Maybe I see it differently because I live in Asia and have seen the real thing! lol!

weird kawaii outfit from virtual taboo
another weird kawaii outfit from virtual taboo.

No short term subscriptions

With one month being the minimum commitment level, and a $29.99 price tag for that month, you are probably putting off a lot of people that are interested to try out the service. And yes, they do offer trailers, but this isn’t really enough to get a proper feel for the content. They should either offer a short-term trial subscription or put a couple of free full length scenes for people to try before they buy. The competition in the VR porn world is pretty strong, so this would help them compete better.

Downloads should be more flexible

As with the last review I did VR Conk, this site also decided for you the download quality you can have for each different device. The only exception being that they offer two quality levels for the Oculus Rift. One quality option for smartphones……really? Do you know how wildly different resolutions are on different people’s phones?

Help pages just barely make the cut

Yes, do have help pages. They are simple, but to the point and seem to get the job done. They are, however, slightly hidden away at the bottom of the page. Wouldn’t really mark them down majorly for this, it would just be nice for access to their help pages to be more obvious.

virtual taboo do have help pages

Bad Acting

Don’t get me wrong, we expect bad acting from porn full stop, but some of this content takes the biscuit 🙂 The interaction between different family members in ‘taboo’ scenes can be almost unbearably bad. I get it, these European performers are trying to show they have skills, but more often than not it edges in cringe. Even by porn standards 🙂 The guy below almost ruined the Christmas special video for me, with his bad acting and strange expressions.

this is an example of the bad acting on virtual taboo

However, there have been some exceptions. This is only really when they hire a native English speaker to support the Eastern Europeans. A recent scene with Georgie Lyall (a Scottish Milf Siren is the only way to describe her) is a prime example. She held the acting together and it was amazing.

thank you georgie for saving the acting at virtual taboo
Thanks Georgie for brightening up the ‘acting’ in Virtual Taboo.

Should you subscribe to Virtual Taboo?

I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised by Virtual Taboo. Under the disguise of a ‘taboo’ website you actually have a good looking and well stacked place to get your VR porn. They have the quantity and variety that a lot of other sites lack. Yes, it would be nice to see more thought going into the themes of their videos, but this is still a good offering.

Although Virtual taboo places itself in the highest price bracket for VR porn, the variety and quantity of content actually make it worthwhile. And if you are lucky enough to get a good deal during Black Friday or a holiday sale, snap it up is all I would say.

The thing is, clarity like what they offer is quite rare and this bumps their score up somewhat. I mean, I put high weighting on clarity when it comes to my porn, and so should you. This is why they score highly even with all the downsides I detailed above. In fact, I am finding myself loading them up more and more. They might become my new favourite VR porn site yet!!

Virtual Taboo gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 4.5 out of 5

Clarity like this is hard to come by. Snap it up if you can bear the bad acting!!

As always, if you have your own experiences with this service, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.

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