VirtualXPorn Review: VR Porn for More Extreme Tastes!

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro and another one of our reviews. Today we are looking at the more extreme side of VR porn, by looking at You will find a wide variety of VR porn here outside the mainstream, but is it any good? Let’s find out!

I will start by saying that I view this as more of a mini review, as I gained access to their content through the RealVR service. However, I only watched the younger content they have on that platform to make sure I am reviewing the latest quality. As I did not have full access to their main site, this review will be shorter than normal, with the idea to do a full review at a later date.

As a side note, I completed this review on an Oculus Go, so you may get different results with different headsets.

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What is VirtualXPorn

VirtualXPorn is a VR porn studio that is catering to the more extreme nature of the market. If you are interested in watching scenes involving pregnant performers and Grandma’s, this could be the site for you. They have all types of milfs too, not just the mainstream versions 🙂 There is a market out there that needs to be catered for, and VirtualXPorn is definitely trying.

From what I can gather, so seem to be using a lot of Eastern European performers most of the time. Something a growing number of sites are doing.

How Much is VirtualXPorn?

I have to say, I was surprised to see that VirtualXPorn are asking for prices on the higher end of the VR porn market, alongside some of the titans of the industry! Maybe if this type of content appeals to you, it will be worth every penny. They really need a trial or short term subscription option though.

To see the latest pricing click the image to go to the official website.

What did we like about VirtualXPorn?

Some Fresh Ideas

I see some interesting content here that I haven’t seen before. They like to hire flexible performers, who I assume used to be gymnasts or are just really into yoga. They then use this flexibility to make some interesting scenes. Some of this content is almost in the realms of contortionist porn, something you don’t see often. I particularly enjoyed some of their blow jobs scenes using flexible performers.

They don’t have amazing variety in the types of content, but they do at least have some solo content to add to the regular stuff. Don’t expect seasonal productions or any scenes with more than 2 performers, it doesn’t happen much.

Caters to Extreme Tastes

Frankly, as VR porn is still fairly young, you don’t see many providers catering to such extreme tastes in porn. You want to see mature lesbians or teen pregnant performers oiling themselves up? You are in luck. Some of the competition are usually bondage sites, but VirtualXPorn spans a wider range and is harder to put into such a box. This is why I keep referring to it as “extreme tastes.”

What didn’t we like?

No Short Subscription

This is the prime example of a VR porn service that needs some type of short term subscription or trial. I am sure a lot of people are unsure whether they would enjoy the content on offer, but have no way to get a real taster. Trailers simply aren’t enough. I am sure they will loose a lot of people by asking for a $29.99 one month commitment up front.

Slow Upload and Small Library

At the time of writing, they had around 65 videos on their site. Not the worst I’ve seen but also pretty low compared with some others. The problem is their older content has really bad clarity issues, making it pretty useless to most people. It leaves you with quite a finite selection to go through.

They also seem to have a slow and not consistent upload schedule, although it is hard to tell because they don’t date their videos. When studios do this (whether it’s true or not) I feel like they are trying to hide their patchy upload schedule. Of course, they would argue that this content is much harder to cast for, and therefore they can’t have the volume of more mainstream offerings.

Repeated Use of Performers

I quickly noticed they have a lot of repeat performers, something I have not seen from other VR porn sites to this level. If you like those performers its not a bad thing, however if you don’t you are stuck with them. I am sure casting for this more extreme content is hard, but they should still be able to throw in a bit more variety with performers.

The other thing to say is there isn’t really a lot of dialogue in the videos I have seen, so if you should consider this if you are a big ‘dialogue guy or gal’.

Variety Can Come Across Weird

I know that usually I champion variety in porn sites and complain when VR porn studios start dividing them up into different niches. However, in this case I think some more sectioning out is needed. There is too much variety of things that are so extreme (to little old me anyway), that surely one person can’t like them all. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel most people will need to skip past a lot of content that doesn’t interest them.

if you like mature lesbians you will like virtualxporn

Imagine flicking through the scenes, going from a video with a fit young teen girl to the next with two mature lesbians. Then to a third with a Grandma as the main star and finally back to some fit young teens. It’s all a bit of a mish mash to me, with no clear defined path or strategy.

Old School Website Design

Some aspects of this website feel like a site made in the early 2000’s, and that’s not a good thing. Yes, the site works, but it doesn’t exactly compliment the content they are trying to showcase here.

this is what the virtualxporn site looks like
2003 called, they want their website back!!

Also, the logo that displays at the start of their videos is visibly pixelated, even if the content quality is OK in the scene itself. This doesn’t give a good first impression in an industry that is all about quality.

No help articles

I could only find help articles about login problems or billing, but not related to setting up VR headsets. Maybe this is unlocked in the membership area.

Anything else to mention?

Quality and clarity is just average in their videos, not terrible but nothing to write home about. Occasional problems with scale and camera positioning raise their ugly head from time to time, but nothing too serious.

So, should you subscribe to VirtualXPorn?

This is a unique situation for a review, as if you like the type of extreme content provided during this review you don’t exactly have a lot of choices. The other more extreme sites are usually bondage orientated and not as wide as VirtualXPorn in scope. Yes, they have issues, but you will likely look past a lot of these if you like this type of content. I imagine this is why they believe they can still be in a higher tier of VR porn pricing.

So, I would recommend you go take a look at their official website over HERE and see for yourself. Even a low score from VR Porn Bro won’t put you off if you like what you see. gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 2 out of 5

If you like this type of content you will probably be happy to have found a new home.

If you have your own experiences of VirtualXPorn, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.

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