VR3000 Review: VR Porn underdog or overrated?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro and welcome back to another review. Today we will be looking at one of the smaller players in VR porn called VR3000. Will they be a big surprise or a massive let down? Let’s find out!

Some disclaimers to start. I actually viewed their content as part of the RealVR service, although I only used recent scenes from this service to make sure it was their latest quality sampled. As I didn’t have a full subscription to their site, this will be a shorter than normal review. However, I will look to update this when I have the time. And FYI, I reviewed their content on an Oculus Go.

Who are VR3000?

There isn’t much information around about VR3000, but from what I can gather they started up in 2016, so they are a lot older than I once thought. They appear to be using mostly (if not all) European performers. They seem to be following the Virtual Taboo route of having step family sex scenes, although not to the same extent as them!

How Much is VR3000?

Although, at the time of writing they are offering discount, it is not clear how long this discount will last. The discounted prices seem more on point with the level of the site, $29.95 a month seems a little steep in my book when compared to other similar sites.

this is how much 3000vr costs

What did we like about VR3000?

Website Design

Surprisingly, I quite like the overall design of the VR3000 website. Yes, it is very colorful and busy in nature, but somehow they manage to pull it off and to me it looks good. However, they really need to add some more search and video category features if you ask me. At the moment, you can only really get a simple list of scenes.

this is what the vr3000 website looks like

Decent Variety

3000VR do have some interesting ideas and seem to be trying to offer good variety. I watched one threesome that had voyeur elements, as you saw the second guy ‘performing’. They also have some solo scenes and scenes with performers of different ethnicity.

What didn’t we like?

Lacklustre Performers

It seems that VR3000 has fallen into the trap of hiring a lot of Eastern European talent that are not exactly giving off much personality. This makes many of the scenes flat. It might even be better to let these performers revert to their first language to get a bit of character out of them.

Slow Uploads

For a site that is so old, it is a little weird that they only have 70 videos up at the time of writing. This is not the worst VR porn library ever, but it is not as extensive as lot of the competition. On the VR3000 website they state they upload 1 new scene a week, but this is clearly not the case. This really makes me loose confidence in them and whether they are worth a subscription.

Patchy Quality

I found the VR clarity to be a little all over the place during my time with their videos. Sometimes it was solid, when other times it seemed like the quality from a few years ago. They seem to have the setup to get industry standard quality, it is just a case of doing it consistently.

Should you Subscribe to VR3000?

To be frank, the taste I got of the VR3000 service (through RealVR) didn’t exactly give me a big reason to go over and subscribe to their full product. Some of the quality of their videos is criminally low, and these are not even old videos. Also, the slow uploads doesn’t exactly give me confidence to hand over my hard earned cash. VR porn is a competitive place to do business right now, and VR3000 are placed firmly in the middle ground. The problem is, there are much better offerings there at a similar price. SexBabesVR and even the recently reviewed WetVR both blow VR3000 out of the water, in my opinion. So, right now I wouldn’t subscribe to them.

VR3000.com gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 2 out of 5

much better options in the midfield of vr porn.

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