VRCosplayX Review: Cosplay + Porn + VR = Win?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro and welcome back to another VR porn site review. This time we are delving into another of BadoinkVR’s sister sites, called VRCosplayX! This is the first additional site they made in VR after the main one, and therefore will be an interesting one to review. Does VR porn work in a cosplay setting? Let’s find out.

First of all, I want to let you know that I reviewed this site on my Oculus Go, the headset I am using at the time of writing. If your headset is different your results may be different too. Also, I paid for access to this service myself. No sponsored reviews here! Although, it must be noted that this is more of a ‘lite’ review, as I accessed VRCosplayX through the RealVR service, meaning I didn’t have access to the full membership area.

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What is VRCosplayX?

As stated above, this website was the first add-on site Badoink made after BadoinkVR.com. It started their whole business model of splitting up their VR content into smaller niche sites. The rationale behind starting with a cosplay site was a sound one. Who are early adopters of VR headsets? Usually (until recently) gamers, who already have powerful computers and buy the VR headsets to play games too. These early adopters therefore love games and would love cosplay based around games (and other nerdy things). Although this nerdy logic doesn’t work on me! I am a gamer and don’t like any of these things!! Anyway, I must be the exception to the rule!

As the name suggests, VRCosplayX.com does VR porn using popular characters from games, comics and movies. Often those related to the stereotypical geek world (such as Star Wars).

How much is VRCosplayX?

VRCosplayX follows the exact same format as all the other Badoink VR sites, giving us the typical monthly price of $35.45, which is really $24.95 as they seem to have a discount like this most times. This prices them in the mid-high price bracket for VR porn. As with their sister sites, this gets heavily discounted to $7.50 a month if you are willing to pay for a year up front. These are pretty decent prices, it’s just a shame Badoink don’t let you get a cheap subscription to all their VR sites grouped together 🙁

To get the latest pricing information, simply click the image below to be taken to their official website.

On a side note, that is the best designed pricing page for any VR porn site lol!! The logos used for each pricing tier are better than the logo’s used for some fully fledged VR porn sites!! ha ha (VR3000 here’s looking at you).

What do we like about it?

Awesome Site Design

Without a doubt, this is the best looking VR porn site I have ever seen!! They managed to really capture the perfect look for a cosplay style site, and made it interesting enough without over doing it. This is a hard thing to achieve and they have done so incredibly well. Some of the logos they use are very good looking and high quality when compared to others in the VR porn world. You will feel you are using a high quality product whilst on this site.

High Production Value

In terms of VR porn, you will find some of the highest production values on VRCosplayX. They have some pretty epic sets linked to the subject matter of the scene. I recently watched a Star Wars parody, where they had made the effort to find an outside scene that fitted perfectly with the subject of the parody. Add on to this the amazing costumes the performers get to wear, and you have some of the highest productions in porn. These costumes are often tailor made for the performers!

Excellent Quality

Coupled with excellent production values, VRCosplayX also has some of the best VR porn clarity available at the time of writing. Not the best, but not far off! As a member of the experienced Badoink family, VRCosplayX clearly has access to a lot of expertise about how to shoot VR porn well!

Perfect Platform for Parodies

Virtual reality is the perfect way to view parodies of your favorite characters, purely based on the increased immersion you will feel. You literally feel like you are in the room with them, something that can’t be achieved with 2D parody scenes. This makes the whole experience more realistic and believable in my opinion.

Short Trial Offer

It is great that they allow you to try before you fully commit by having the short one day trial subscription available.

What don’t we like about it?

Lack of Variety

Maybe some people really like this porn parody content and are willing to subscribe to a whole site for this. For me personally, I would rather they grouped this content together with something else to provide a wider variety. I am not paying $30 a month for only this content, but I know that some would.

Some Terrible Acting!

For a service that is dealing with many people’s favorite movie, game and comic characters, acting is an incredibly important factor for them. Otherwise, you are going to end up butchering these characters and making a product that fans will not like!

Most of the time VRCosplayX does a good job here, employing talkative performers with the ability to pull off the acting side without too much cringe. This is about as good as you can expect for VR porn.

However, I did see a few scenes with truly awful acting. Clearly using performers that can’t speak English well and that struggle to say even just a few lines without crazy cringe happening. And sometimes, they try to get past this by just getting straight to the action with very little dialogue. This isn’t a good solution, as you need dialogue for such character based content.

This is not a total deal breaker, as they usually get it right. But these few blips do tarnish the site slightly and should be mentioned.

Should you subscribe?

If you are an avid fan of comics, games or movies and are looking for porn parodies of this, VRCosplayX is simply the best VR porn option available. They put a lot of effort into making this as true to the source material as possible, and combine this with excellent VR porn clarity and quality. You are going to feel much more immersed is this content in VR (rather than 2D), so it seems like the ideal platform to pull this off.

The only consideration to think about is do you like this content enough to subscribe to a whole website purely for this content? When you subscribe to VRCosplayX, you literally only get one type of content.

To find out for yourself, click HERE to go check out VRCosplayX.com!!

VRCosplayX.com gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 4 out of 5

BEst vr porn site for porn parodies of well known movies, games and comics.

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