WankzVR Review: Best VR Porn Experience?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro, the place where we talk about getting off in virtual reality! Today we are reviewing WankzVR, a porn website exclusively aimed at virtual reality porn. Is this one of the best VR porn websites? We aim to find out in this full review.

I will start with the usual disclaimer. I am using an Oculus Go in this review. Your results may vary depending on your chosen headset. Also, this subscription was not gifted to me for this review, I paid for it myself.

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What is WankzVR?

I found it quite funny when I found a website called WankzVR (or is it Wankz VR!!), especially when it is mainly focused on the American market! Do you guys even know what wanking is? Well, being from the UK I do! Wanking is the British way of saying ‘jerking off’, so for British people the name WankzVR is perfect!

WankzVR is your typical middle of the road vanilla VR porn site. Nothing too soft or hardcore to be found here, just pretty standard porn for the guy that can’t decide what he likes. Yes, you will find things such as anal and threesomes, but nothing extreme. They even have some foot fetish videos in the collection! Pretty much the porn version of the jack of all trades.

Of course, like many VR sites these days, all this content is available in high-quality VR. In other words, 4k, 7k, 180-degree and naturally 60FPS. This is how my favorite VR porn sites operate, and Wankz VR is no different!! Note that most of the vr porn clips will be in POV (with you taking the place of the male porn star), which again is pretty standard.

What is WankzVR’s background?

An umbrella company called Foshan limited owns the Wankz group of VR porn sites. You won’t really care about that, I imagine, but what you will care about is the quality of the porn! WankzVR burst onto the scene offering a wide variety of quality content with some high quality performers.

This quality has been backed up by them consistently being nominated for awards in the industry. They have been nominated for awards at XBIZ as far back as 2016, and as recent as 2019!! This is quite an achievement for a new company in a new genre of porn.

How much does WankzVR cost?

It is great that WankzVR offers a trial membership for just a few dollars. This gives you a couple of days to really experience the site and see what they have to offer.

If you want to go all in, there is quite a difference from paying monthly and annually. As you will see below, the annual commitment will almost half the cost of your subscription.

To check out the latest pricing, check out the WankzVR official website HERE.

How are the download speeds?

I always take a close look at download speeds when reviewing VR porn sites. When you are struggling to find files smaller that 4GB you will see why this is important 🙂

Unfortunately, WankzVR were patchy for me (although bear in mind I am viewing from Asia, even tough I have fibre internet!). I downloaded a 4.19GB file in ten minutes, a somewhat slow time. The download speeds fluctuated wildly between 4MB/S to 11MB/S. Patchy at best.

WankzVR download speeds were patchy at best!

What do I like about WankzVR?

Quality is King

It is clear to me that WankzVR has come into this industry with the intention of doing a good job. No half measures here. They have heavily invested in some of the best equipment and performers in the industry.

When viewing VR porn, the angle and setup of the camera has to be just right. This is what gives the immersion when viewing VR porn. You can have the highest production values, but it will all be ruined if your VR camera setup is bad. WankzVR did have some teething problems when they were first out (as did a lot of other companies too!), but they are currently pushing out a stream of almost perfectly shot and made content. Immersive VR porn at its finest!

To me, WankzVR videos give me the full immersion I want from virtual porn. If they could push themselves up to god level clarity like Virtual Taboo, they would be nearing perfection!!

Regular Uploads

WankzVR has always done a great job of offering regular uploads the whole time I have known them. These days it is pretty much every few days that a new upload is put up (although officially it is two new videos a week). Considering the effort that goes into these videos, this consistency is impressive.


Considering the quality and availability of VR porn on their site, I feel that WankzVR is a great offering for the price. They are not the cheapest, but they offer an amazing quality to price ration in my opinion.

As stated above, it is great that they offer a short term 2 day membership option, to give potential subscribers a taste of what they can expect.

Focus on the Pornstars!

You can tell this is a top quality production, as they have a great ‘Pornstars’ section on their website. I like the way they take the time to focus on and celebrate the different stars they use. By looking at this page, you can also see the quality of the performers they are using, which is always top notch.

Content for Every Season!

I love the seasonal content that WankzVR has been putting out. You can always count on them to have special videos at Christmas and Halloween! And these are not just quickly pieced together messes! These are well produced and long form videos that will often leave you speechless. When I first joined Wankz it was around Christmas, and let’s just say I was blown away by the quality and content they offered that very first Christmas!

Actually, this is one of my favorite things about WankzVR. Usually their special seasonal videos are group scenes, something that they seem to nail on the head every time. Perfect interaction between the performers and an ability to position the camera just right to get all the angles I like. They also make a real effort with the sets they use for these seasonal videos. These are worth subscribing for in themselves, trust me!

Variety is the Spice of Life!

In my personal opinion I really like the variety on WankzVR. It is great to have so many different styles of porn to consume in one place. If you are looking for more extreme content on the edges of the porn scale, this may not be for you. But if you want a good spread of VR content, you can’t go far wrong with Wankz.

They even introduced videos shot from the female’s point of view, so they really are thinking of everything.


WankzVR is one of the most easily accessible VR porn sites out there. They support pretty much any VR headset on the market. They also have a fully fledged Android app you can download from their website. OK, they don’t have an Apple version, but I would imagine that is down to Apple not wanting them to have one! Spoil sports 🙂

WankzVR has simple but easy to follow instructions for each headset that seem up to date. This is great for someone new to VR porn. Whether you have Gear VR, Vive, or even a Valve Index, you will quickly learn how to get to the high-quality vr scenes, rather than fiddling around working it out yourself!

comprehensive help guides for each VR headset.

They also have a pop-up when you first login, pointing you towards help pages to set up your headset and access the content. Although this box does look so ugly, it is bordering on being an eyesore!

Although their content is pretty much fully English-based, their website is available in thirteen different languages! Impressive stuff!

You also have a choice in how you consume the WankzVR content, as they do allow you to either stream it directly from their website or download videos to use with your own players. As some VR headsets can work better with certain video players, this is good to know.

They support interactive devices too

You would have thought this would be a given for any VR porn website these days, but a lot still haven’t caught up when it comes to supporting interactive devices known as teledildonics.

Through the Feelconnect app, they allow you to connect their porn to Feel Technology compatible devices. At the moment, this seems to be a good selection of devices, including the infamous fleshlight. If you have a Lovesense product, you are out of luck though. Someone needs to make a support an open source way to connect all these devices!

The Feelconnect app comes on mobile devices and does seem to be a slick and well-made product though all the same.

The only thing to say is that you can only use these devices on the videos under the Interactive Videos category.

This is a fairly new technology, and hopeful over time this will get expanded!

What don’t I like about WankzVR?

User Experience

WankzVR is showing its age. The user interface is outdated and fussy! I want to be able to access the website through my headset, but it proves to be way too fiddly. For example, the different download and streaming selections are just a mass of hyperlinks that are tricky to select from the headset.

try picking aownload when in the VR headset!
Good lucking sorting through these options in a VR headset!!

WankzVR needs an update here, especially when you look at the possibilities of UI’s for VR porn, namely the excellent SexLikeReal example.

The way I got around this was to use the Play’A from the people over at VRBangers (or that’s how I found out about it anyway). Although, because it is not fully supported I can’t seem to view videos by category. Other than that it makes the whole experience much smoother (and with more options than with the DEOVR player they support!).

On top of all this, I also found their download speeds patchy and they were one of the few sites I had stuttering whilst trying to stream in high quality.

Jack of all trades and Master of None?

Some people will find the variety on offer here a negative thing, as it means the depth for each type of porn might be lacking when compared to a more niche VR porn website.

Personally, I don’t mind it, but if there is one type of porn you always watch you might want to look for something that focuses on this more.

Would I recommend WankzVR?

WankzVR was one of the first VR porn sites to truly blow me away. The quality of their performers and content is top notch. Back this up with a reliable and well made platform, and you are onto a winner. All of this on offer for a truly competitive price when compared with other similar sites.

I simply love their seasonal content, especially when it involves group scenes or threesomes, they are masters at that.

It’s a shame that their outdated UI and patchy download speeds have to bring them down slightly.

However, they remain one of my top picks if you want ‘regular’ and not too specific VR porn.

To go check out the WankzVR website for yourself, click HERE.

WankzVR.com gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 4 out of 5

Pretty close to VR porn perfection for me!

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