VRBangers Review in 2024: Are they still a Top VR Porn Studio?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro, and today we are reviewing another VR porn site VrBangers.com. Today we will tell you if this site is worth your VR porn dollars in an ever more competitive market! VRBangers have been making waves in the VR porn world of late, lets see if this is reflected in their offering. Let’s dive into my VR Bangers review together…

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

Stuff I Like…

  • Frequent Discounts
  • Excellent Range of Videos
  • Top Tier VR Quality
  • Excellent Headset Support
  • Top Notch Play’A App

Stuff I Don’t Like…

  • No Trial or Short Subscription
  • Worst logo ever 🙂
  • Too many adverts for a paid site!!

VR Porn Bro Rating: 4.5 out of 5

A disclaimer before we begin. During this review I am using an Oculus Go virtual reality headset, your results may vary depending on the headset you are using. Just to add that I also paid for this subscription myself, and want to give you my honest experiences with the website so far.

The VR Porn Bro Promise

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What is VRBangers

VRBangers used to be the ‘new kids on the block’, but these days are more an established outfit and starting to become a mainstay of the VR porn scene. Gone are the days of quality issues and funny camera angles. VRBangers have their virtual reality porn product down and are going to town! Heck, they were one of the first VR porn outfits to offer videos in 6K and now 8k. Pushing the boundaries is something I like to see in my VR porn sites. Their 2016 launch seems much further away than it actually is! It goes to show how fast things change in the VR porn scene.

VRBangers have always been innovators in the VR porn space, and this is what is starting to push them to the top of the list. Not only were they first to 6k and 8k videos, but they also used to have a VR camera setup with a ‘body’ attached to it, so that the performer can feel like they are performing for a person even when going solo. This innovation is helping them become VR porn leaders not followers.

VRBangers are now growing into a VR Porn network and have recently brought VRConk into their family of sites.

How Much is VRBangers?

The least commitment you can make to VRBangers is $25 a month for a single month at a time. This can become as cheap as $100 for a whole year, if you are willing to commit for that long. VRBangers are definitely trying to get their users to commit with such discounted pricing for longer term subscriptions.

Click the image below to go to the official website and see the most up to date pricing.

I am not a fan of the pricing on their website which they have decided to state in amount per day, going against the usual per month charge that I see on most other sites. In the screenshot above, at least they stated underneath (in a small font nonetheless) ‘billed as…’ and stated the monthly fee. This is now gone from the site, something that I feel is just trying to trick us into thinking this site is cheaper than the competition.

What are the download speeds like?

With the massive files needed to watch good quality VR porn, a good download speed is a must. I have to say that VRBangers have shown well here. I am currently based in Asia, so bear this in mind.

I was able to consistently stream 4K quality videos to my Oculus Go with no hitching and very little buffering. Literally a couple of seconds at most if you want to skip to later in the video.

I was able to download a 4.3GB 4K Vr porn file from them in 8 minutes. The download speed hovered around the 8-10mb/s.

download speed for vrbangers.

I am more than happy with this performance level, especially the seamless 4K streaming.

January 2021 Update: Pleased to say that the VRBangers servers are still banging out the downloads faster than most! Great to see! I hate waiting for my downloads or get stuttering when streaming! Below is a screenshot of my latest download with some crazy speeds evident!

What we like about VRBangers


VRBangers often seems to go on sale. For example, the 4th of July sale just ended at the time of writing and another sale is straight up to replace it. So even though the regular pricing is VR porn standard, you can often get a subscription at a much discounted rate.

Good Range of Videos!

To offer a good selection of videos in this market, is not just about creating a bucket shop and putting everything in one place. I recently reviewed SexLikeReal.com who follow this business model, and I really didn’t care for it. I am a pretty middle of the road porn guy looking for a middle of the road porn site. I don’t want to stumble across anything too extreme! Those things should be on their own sites, in my opinion.

So, I was very happy with VRBangers in this area. They offer an excellent selection of VR porn, with all mainstream categories covered. Nothing is missing, and nothing too extreme is present. I never felt uncomfortable accidentally stumbling across things I didn’t want to see.

They are also innovative with their variety of videos. For example, for the last football world cup they had a blowjob competition to run alongside it!!

Just be aware that they will no longer do parody content on VRBangers, as their recently aquired site VRConk is doing this instead.

Excellent Quality

When VrBangers first burst onto the scene in 2016, they had to go through quite a while of technical issues and inconsistency with their Vr porn. I am happy to report that these days are firmly behind them! They clearly have a high quality camera rig and know how to use it. And, as they only have VRBangers videos on the site, they can maintain this quality throughout their site. The whole time I was consuming their content, I felt fully immersed in the VR porn and impressed with the quality consistently presented to me. It’s not the very top of the industry in terms of clarity, but its not far off.

VRBangers are also investing in quality performers (aka pornstars) and sets to make their porn videos feel at home with some of the biggest players in the world of VR porn. They are not at the very top, but they are not far off. They had a VR porn adaptation of Jumanji at the time of writing, for goodness sake 🙂 Complete with epic sets and costumes 🙂 And their last Christmas special was an epic multi-part adventure with up to 6 performers at times. They are really pulling out all the stops here to make awesome VR content, and I like it!

This is backed up by an excellent level of quality on the website itself. Their thumbnails, for example, always give an air of quality and high budgets (for VR porn anyway!).

2022 Update: I feel that VRBangers.com are moving up in the VRPorn world. My experience with them in 2022 is that they are clearly continuing to invest in quality VR cameras, as they are getting pretty close to a god tier of quality in my mind now.

Headset Support

VRBangers clearly make an effort to support the latest and greatest VR headsets out there. They already include some of the new headsets such as the Oculus Quest, which is great to see. Not only this, but they have also updated their help articles to include these new headsets, something not all their competitors take the time to do! And they don’t forget about supporting some of the VR porn staples such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Quest 2 and even the old school Gear VR 🙂

The only downside to this support is the fact that they push you towards using their own Play’A app on those devices. I tried to use other VR players to no avail. They would only stream to their Play’A app. You would have to download files to play on other apps or players. It seems like a lot of VR porn sites are doing this, but it would be nice if we had more choice.

Having said all of that the Play’A app does work well, and even has the ability to add a pin code to stop prying eyes seeing your porn collection.

The playa app used to access vr bangers.

What we don’t like about VRBangers

No short term subscription

This is another VR porn site that locks you into a minimum 30 day subscription. There is no trial or short term subscription available as far as I can see, which is a shame. It is always nice to be able to fully sample a platform and its videos before committing to a full month subscription. The thing that will help with this, is the fact that they do offer a couple of full free scenes for you to try out first. Better than only trailers!

Who designed that logo?

The rest of VRBangers.com is slick and well designed, so I don’t know what happened with the logo. Is it just me that thinks a $5 Fiverr freelancer could have done better. Maybe I am being slightly harsh, but they really should bring the logo up to the level of the rest of VRBangers!

Collaboration has turned to adverts!

I understand that VRBangers are embracing the VR porn market and willingly supporting and promoting other VR studios on their site. The problem is that this ends up feeling like you are being ‘sold to’ when you are already paying a $30 a month subscription. They haven’t gone as far as showing videos on their site that are not available through their subscription (like the recently reviewed sexlikereal.com), but I did feel a bit sick of seeing adverts and special offers related to other  VR porn sites and studios. Maybe they can tone it down a little! 

And the problem isn’t only related to other VR porn studios. They also promote a Vr adult themed game, a VR cam girl platform and even a company that they have partnered with for AR porn. In my opinion, all of these extra adverts get in the way of what should be the main event, the VR porn.

Actually, after first signing up with VRBangers, their first email to me wasn’t “congratulations on signing up for the best VR porn in the world”, but instead, here’s an adult VR game we want you to play. Sort it out VRBangers!

Would I recommend VRBangers?

To me, VRBangers are past being the up and coming VR porn studio around and have started the move into top tier. They are no longer just the new player on the block with good potential, they are actually fulfilling that potential and then some. Yes, they are diluting this appeal slightly with too many adverts alongside their own content, but it isn’t a game breaker for me.

VRBangers offer a top tier level of quality and amount of VR porn, and are one of my top providers to recommend to anyone wanting to try out VR porn. I am so happy I personally bought myself a lifetime subscription several years ago, and it has continued to get a lot of use.

For us VR porn punters, VRBangers should be at the top of our list of must try VR porn providers, especially now they have so many promotional offers going on. High-quality VR, top pornstars and a solid upload schedule. What’s not to like?

All I ask if for some shorter term trial or short subscription offers to allow people to try before they fully commit. Click HERE to go look at the official website of VRBangers and decide for yourself.

VRBangers.com gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 4.5 out of 5

Top VR Porn!! A must try for any VR porn fan!!

If you have your own experiences with VR Bangers we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.

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