MilfVR Review: in the Top 10?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro and another VR website review! This time we are looking at a sister site of WankzVR (one of my favourite VR porn sites over the years), called MilfVR. It will be interesting to see how MilfVR stacks up to the competition, as well as its big brother 🙂

As always, I will state that I did my review using an Oculus Go. If you use a different you may get differing results. Just to also say that at the time of writing this review I am a paid subscriber to this site, and will look to give my honest opinions.

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What is MilfVR?

As the name suggests, this website is dedicated to providing content based around milfs. If you are new to porn (it does happen, really!!), a Milf is basically an older women that still has a big sexual appeal. Sometimes you might here a milf refereed to as a cougar. Oh, the names we have in porn! ha ha!

MilfVR was spun off from WankzVR in 2017, one of several niche VR porn sites they started that year.

How Much is MilfVR?

MilfVR follows a very similar pricing path to WankzVR. They have a slightly lower regular monthly price of $14.95 and a heavily discounted $6.66 a month if you pay for a whole year. In the picture you can see the Christmas promotions they were running at the time of writing. If you are looking for a discount, Black Friday and Christmas seem to be the best times to get this.

To get the latest pricing click HERE to go to the official website.

As with WankzVR, they also have the 2 day trial option for someone just wanting a short term taster of the content.

How are the MilfVR download speeds?

I am viewing this content from Asia, so please bear this in mind when viewing my results. However, I do have half a gigabyte of fiber internet over here, it just a question of whether they have any servers near me!

how fast do MilfVR videos download?

MilfVR didn’t perform as badly as WankzVR, another site in their ecosystem. It seemed as if the speeds were more stable, but lower than what I have achieved in other VR porn sites. The download sat at around 6-7MB/S for most of the time I downloaded a 4.19GB file. The total download time for this file was ten minutes, so among the slower I have seen.

Although, I was able to stream high quality scenes with no hitching or stutters, something I couldn’t achieve over at WankzVR.

It seems like the whole Wankz family should really upgrade their servers to keep up with other leaders in the market.

What we like about MilfVR

Quality from the Wankz Family

As a sister site to WankzVR, it is great to see that the excellent quality of VR porn that exists there has come across to MilfVR. It makes a lot of sense, as they probably use a lot of the same equipment and setup 🙂 Their camera angles, scale and general positioning of the VR camera are all excellent.

Great Subscription Options

Yes, this is a newer site in VR porn terms, with less content than some of the more established competition. However, they have a slightly lower price (when compared with other similar sites) to reflect this.

They also have a wide variety of subscription options, including some sort term trials. Not all sites offer such flexibility.

Great Support for Newbies

MilfVR has some excellent help articles and guides related to watching VR porn on your headset. They include all the latest headsets and set everything out in a clear and easy to understand way. This is one of the benefits of being a part of a larger group of VR sites. In fact, all their sites just link to a seperate site they made called

MilfVR can help you set up your headset.

What we don’t like about MilfVR

Lower Budget

When you compare MilfVR and WankzVR, it is clear to me that the budget is less over here at MilfVR. They don’t have many epic seasonal videos like you find over at WankzVR, which is a real shame because these are usually excellent. With most of their content, the most exciting thing you will find in terms of scale is usually a threesome!

User Interface

MilfVR looks slightly nicer than sister site WankzVR, a site that looks pretty dated these days. I think it is just the lighter colour scheme and slighlt cleaner appearance that helps here.

Like WankzVR, MilfVR also suffers from having some rather small and fiddly UI elements that are hard to select when inside the headset. I have an Oculus Go, so I have to do this, and using the laser pointer on these small elements is enough to cause a headache.

The small UI elements strike again in MilfVR
These small links are hard to select in a VR headset.

If you can find a good VR player, it will help greatly with this problem. I used the Play’A app discovered in my VR Bangers review, but then I couldn’t work out a way to view the categories. MilfVR suggest DEO player, but I find this player so basic I didn’t even bother with it!

Whats the difference?

Maybe it is just me, but I am struggling to see the difference between this site and their other site WankzVR. Apart from the fact they don’t have any obviously teen models, I feel like at lot of the performers just look similar to what I find on WankzVR. Maybe anti-aging technology is too strong these days!!

not sure this lady is really a milf lol!!
Madam, are you a milf?

If the idea of this site is to offer milf content, maybe they should go for more performers that more obviously fit this category. Go look at Naughty America and you will see what I mean!!

Would I Recommend you sign up to MilfVR?

For me, Milf VR is a tough sell. It feels like a watered down poor relation to WankzVR. Yes, their quality is good but they are making a lot of compromises when starting these sister sites.

After spending a lot of time on WankzVR and loving the epic feeling a lot of their videos have (especially the seasonal extravaganzas), I just can’t get excited about this site.

And to top it all off they are using quite a lot of performers that barely fit into the Milf category anyway. In my humble opinion, they should have kept the Milf content over on WankzVR and made that the best product it could have been. Instead they are diluting and watering down their brand.

The only possible use case for this is for someone that is truly obsessed with Milf content. And actually, for those people Naughty America is way better!

For most people, they just want the occasional milf video, not to subscribe to a whole site. This is why I can’t understand this approach of adding sites for each category. Most people will only subscribe to one site anyway.

What do you think? If you have any experience with MilfVR we would love to hear all about it in the comments section below.

Click HERE to go to the official website and check MilfVR for yourself. gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 2.5 out of 5

Just can’t get excited about this watered down site after being an avid fan of sister site

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