SexBabesVR Review: Just another Eastern European Porn Site?

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro, the place for all your VR porn needs. Today we are looking at SexBabesVR, whose name says it all really. In this review we will be looking at this site and seeing how they stack up to their major competitors.

As always, I want to start off this review with some disclaimers. Firstly, this is not a sponsored post. I bought a subscription to this site with my own hard earned cash 🙂 Also, I used my Oculus Go to review this site, so you may get slightly different results depending on which headset you use.

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What is SexBabesVR?

SexBabesVR has been around a while now, starting up in 2016. They use almost exclusively Eastern European performers and offer pretty bread and butter straight sex content. They seem to have a slightly more hardcore approach than some other vanilla VR porn sites, but nothing too extreme. For many scenes, this ‘hardcore’ element translates into the male performer ‘fingering’ the female performer probably too aggressively 🙂 Something I am not a big fan of, but maybe others disagree 🙂

I get the impression that they are owned by the same people as VRConk, as I noticed some similarities in their site design and such like. Let’s hope this site doesn’t have the patchy download speeds that I found on that sister site.

How Much is SexBabesVR?

SexBabesVR is in the lower bracket of VR porn sites in terms of cost, and can get quite heavily discounted too during sales (as you see from the image below). That Christmas special of $49.99 for a year is one of the lowest annual subscriptions I have seen.

Click the image to see the latest pricing over at the official website.

How is their download speed?

I got excited at the start of my first download (a 4.19GB file) when it shot up to 11MB/S for the first few seconds of the download. Sadly, it quickly settled into a more mundane 5-7MB/S range. Not terrible by any means, but kind of below average compared with other sites I have reviewed. The full download took 11 minutes, one of the slowest I have seen.

Yes, I am in Asia, so you may get faster times in the US of A. If you have your own experiences with this, we would love to hear them in the comments section below.

It seems that this website (like it’s sister site VRConk) need to invest in better servers. VR porn uses pretty big files and quick downloads and streaming are essential.

sexbabesvr has patchy download speeds

What do we like about this site?

Solid Upload Schedule & Quality

For a site priced in the lower end of the VR porn market, they still offer a good upload schedule that they are sticking to well. They also offer the standard good quality expected these days and seen on a vast majority of VR porn sites. I am liking this era of VR porn where most people know how to shoot a good VR scene. Actually, I have noticed some of their more recent videos are in the upper realms in terms of clarity, something I am hoping they stay consistent on going forward. Maybe they have their equipment dialed in perfectly now!!

Good Bank of Scenes

As VRSexbabes has been around a while, it means that their bank of VR scenes is pretty big. As a new subscriber, you will have a large back catalogue to keep you busy.

Great Download Options

It seems they recently updated their download options to come inline with the greater variety of VR headsets now available. For example, the Oculus downloads have tripled in variety, meaning I could find a file that perfectly matched the requirements of my Oculus Go. This is new at the time of writing, so you will find that it is only available on the most recent uploads. But it is great to see them updating what they offer in line with new headsets that people may be using. Frankly, the Oculus Quest and Go look like being some of the best selling VR headsets ever, so it’s important to give their users a smooth experience.

Good Site Design

Apart from the frankly schoolboy site logo discussed below, the overall look and feel of their website is good. It has a simple and clean feel, with UI icons that are easy to read and use. This is perfect for when viewing the site through a VR headset, and doesn’t look half bad in 2D either. More porn sites need to go for this clean and more neutral visual style in my opinion.

Clear and Simple Video Rating

I like SexBabesVR’s approach to video rating. You can simply give your rating for a video in a few seconds and these ratings can be clearly seen on the video selection screens. This is a simple but effective way to see how others in the community rate a scene.

Decent Help Articles

Unlike sister site VRConk, this site has some pretty decent help articles. They have been updated to include some of the new headsets (although they still don’t mention the Oculus Quest), and are easy to access as an option in the top menu bar.

the help offered is pretty decent compared to other vr porn sites

What don’t we like about this site?

Lack of Creativity

This is some pretty basic content here, mostly consisting of straight sex with a few different things thrown in here or there. They do have lightly themed seasonal events, but you won’t find anything overly exciting or innovative here.

Bad Acting

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect acting in my porn 🙂 However, I think what happened here is the mostly Eastern European performers were pretty quiet at first and people probably complained. Then they got those some performers to try and do some ‘dialogue’ in English (a language that they are probably not that strong in). The result? Sometimes cute but often cringe worthy acting. Some of their scenes have little talking where we get right into the action. I would rather this than trying to force someone that is a step too far for most of these performers. The other option is they could hire the odd American performer here or there to satisfy those seeking more dialogue.


Yes, this is one of those sites that has opted for a forum to give detailed feedback on videos. I am not a massive fan of this because it means I need to navigate to a totally different part of the site to use it. Frankly, on sites with these forums I usually end up never visiting them. If they could some how connect the forum with each video’s page, I would be more likely to use it.

That Design

I am only referring to the logo design, something that is so bad I don’t even want to class it as a logo. It looks like a high school student made it in MS paint in a few minutes. In this day and age, where it is so easy to get or make good logos, something like this is not acceptable. Granted, it’s not a big deal as the rest of the site design is solid, it just grates on me a little 🙂 Take a look for yourself! What do you think?

that awful sexbabesvr logo

Should you part with your hard earned cash?

Is SexBabesVR up to the standard of some of the leading lights of VR porn? Clearly not. Is it a solid option for someone looking at the lower price points? Definitely. Actually, as one of the so called ‘lower tier’ providers (in terms of cost), they are one of the best I have seen. From my own personal experience, I got the year of access for $50 and am very happy with it. For that price, I can put up with the slower download speeds and other minor gripes with the site.

They have some great scenes and some very attractive performers. They are not pushing any industry boundaries, but they offer a solid product at a often great price!

Sister site VRConk can learn a lot from them!

If you are interested in finding out more, click HERE to go look at the official website. gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 3.5 out of 5

A good choice for those wanting to spend less

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