SexLikeReal Review. Still iTunes of VR porn in 2024?

What a no BS review from a real porn user? Sick of copy paste porn reviews? Read on! Here is my review of Sex Like Real (or if you prefer), a VR site offering full-length porn videos. In this review, I will go over exactly what this VR porn site offers and in what situations it may be worth your VR porn dollars!! Here’s my SexLikeReal experience….

Quick Review (for those in a hurry)

Stuff I Like…

  • SLR Originals! They’re AWESOME!
  • Regular Sales on Single VR Videos (for the Sub shy)
  • Large Library of Scenes
  • User Experience
  • Excellent Video Quality Options (for range of headsets)

Stuff I Don’t Like…

  • No Trial or 7 Day Subscription
  • Awful VR Cam Girls
  • Half Baked Access to other VR Porn Studios
  • Quality not always Consistent
  • Confusing Pricing
  • Not Clear if all Modern Headsets are Supported
  • VR Content Overload for some

VR Porn Bro Rating: 3 out of 5

The VR Porn Bro Promise

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What is SexlikeReal?

Before we start, I would like to state that I used an Oculus Go virtual reality headset during this review. You may get slightly different results depending upon your preferred headset. Also, I paid for this subscription out of my own pocket in order to do this set of porn reviews.

So let’s strap on our VR headset of choice and check out this VR porn site……

Sex like real has a different approach to a lot of other subscription based VR Porn sites in the porn industry, as they are bringing together multiple different studios under one roof. They also have multiple ways to pay for your VR Porn content, rather than the bread and butter website subscription that most competitors offer. 

When you look at their site, these are just some of the different studios that provide VR videos to their service:


Virtual Real Porn

Reality Lovers




SexLikeReal like to refer to themselves as the ‘iTunes of VR porn”, acting like a hub for people to meet all their VR porn needs!

Whereas a lot of other websites are starting to get niched down into tight categories, SexLikeReal is the opposite. They have trans, gay, and straight content all in one place (and all the variations in between). Whatever you like, whether it be anal or JAV porn, they have something for you.

Sex Like Real recently added the ability to watch VR Cam Girls, as cam girls are all the rage right now, right?

You can access and their selection of virtual reality porn through the sexlikereal app or by directly logging into their website.

How Much is SexLikeReal?

If you want to try out this service and get a premium membership, the only option is to get the one off one month premium subscription access for around $35. If you commit to a regular subscription, this goes down to $30. And if you turn this into an annual subscription, it goes down again to around $20.

Click the image below to be taken to the official website and check the prices for yourself.

These are pretty industry standard prices for VR porn, probably positioning themselves on the higher side in terms of pricing. I would say they are bordering on the most expensive and don’t discount that heavily (likely because they don’t own the content).

If you don’t want to subscribe, you can buy videos individually, which are usually are $10 each.

What are the download speeds like?

As we are regularly streaming or downloading large and high-quality files for VR porn, good download speeds are essential. Bear in mind, I am currently based in Asia, so my speeds may be different from yours. seems to have good quality servers, as I never had problems streaming videos in the highest quality they had.

I was also able to download a 2.54GB Vr porn video in 4 minutes, and the speed was regularly up around the 11-12Mb/s range. Pretty impressive stuff, and more than enough for VR porn.

sex like real was able to download at 11-12mb/s!

What we like about SexLikeReal

Sex Like Real Originals

In a fairly recent update to the site, Sex Like Real has started making their own in house VR porn scenes named SLR Originals. I first realised this when their Twitter account started tweeting about being on set and doing scenes! I have to admit when I first heard this, I wasn’t sure it was a great idea with so many other players in the market. Boy, was I wrong!

The clarity and quality of their scenes is decent without being groundbreaking. It’s certainly good enough to enjoy something that looks high quality in modern headsets.

The thing that is a ‘game changer’ for these SLR originals, is the creativity and thought that has gone into them so far. They are not just pumping out (excuse the pun!) the same old scenes as everyone else, they are really thinking outside the box in VR porn terms.

They have VR scenes that have 2D scenes embedded into them. So not only do you see the current VR camera angle, but a couple of others. I really enjoyed these videos, as they are bringing something fresh to the VR porn table. They have had some minor issues syncing up all of these videos perfectly, but I am willing to cut them some slack at the start.

The other thing I noticed is they have more voyeur scenes, mostly around group sex scenes. I actually quite like scenes where you can see someone else interacting with the girl apart from the one the VR camera is positioned on, so these were welcome additions to.

At the time of writing, they have a scene called ‘Wild Things’ and this was probably one of the hottest VR porn scenes I have seen for a long time. This time no fancy gimmicks, just an awesome scene all round 🙂

Sex Like Real already have 16 of these scenes out at the time of writing, so they are putting them out at a good rate!

‘For Sale’ section

Within SexLikeReal’s pay per video offerings, they do offer a daily section of specially discounted videos. There are quite a few videos available (around 5 at the time of writing) and the discounts can be deep at times. This gives an excellent alternative to users that don’t wish to pay for a regular subscription. Lets face it, most people don’t like just paying straight up for each video full price, so having this section makes the whole pay as you watch pricing much more attractive.

Large Library of Scenes

When it comes to an entire collection of high quality VR porn scenes, has to be up there as one of the largest. Their collaborations with a large number of studios gives them a real breadth and depth of content for us to choose from. This is where their comparison to iTunes starts to ring true!

I mean, where else can you find Japanese content alongside stripping and group sex parties? Because they are bringing together multiple porn providers, they can offer amazing variety.

User Experience

When you look at the SexLikeReal website in 2D, it probably looks over simplified and not that great. However, slip on a 3D headset and you will be amazed at how slick and well presented their user interface is! They have toggles that you can use to filter, as well as the usual category options and basic search box. It is a breeze to find what you want, and very easy on the eye. This was one of my favorite parts of this service.

This is the user interface of the sex like real website.
Don’t be fooled by the plain looking 2D UI, when viewed in 3D its amazing!

This user experience is helped by the fact that they support two main VR players. Their own Sex Like Real player (the sexlikereal app mentioned above) and the DEOVR player. Hopefully, they will support more players along the road. I see too many companies that try to force you onto their player!

Excellent Quality Options

Many of the virtual reality porn scenes on come in an excellent range of quality settings. 4k, 5k, 6k, and even 8k videos are available, meaning you can get videos to match up with even the most advanced VR headsets available right now. Alternatively, you may still be using a Gear VR or older Vive VR headset, and this range of quality options is also good for backward compatibility of any older headsets you may be using. The same goes for FPS of the videos available, with Sex Like Real offering videos up to 120 FPS.

There are slider buttons on the left side of the SLR app or website portal that allow you to quickly filter 6k, 8k and 120 fps videos. I wish they had even more options for this, though.

What we don’t like about SexLikeReal

Bad VR Cam Girl Service

I can understand why they have added VR cam girls as cam girls have been very popular in 2D form. However, setting up a VR camera is much harder than a 2D video camera, so my experience of the VR cam girls was frankly horrible and borderline vomit inducing. You want blurry images and super bad angles and zoom whilst watching your VR porn? You got it, as these VR cam girls clearly have NO IDEA what they are doing. This is why real VR porn producers employ proper camera experts 🙂 Sex Like Real, if you want to continue please better train your VR cam girls in the art of setting up a VR camera!!!

No trial or short subscription option

They are missing out on a lot of business by not allowing people to take a trial or a short subscription. I am guessing they cannot do this because they are using content from other studios (which they are paying a lot of money for), and don’t want to let this go on the cheap.

The problem is, most other good VR porn sites have this option, and it is likely a lot of users would skip SexLikeReal for this very reason. That is certainly how I felt. Making a $30 a month commitment is quite a lot when you don’t have an opportunity to try it out first. Yes, they have free videos, but I would want to trial the full premium subscription.

The best they can manage is 8 full length free VR videos, 4 available to anyone on the site and 4 more if you sign up for a free account. The problem is some of these are quite old and you really aren’t getting the full Sex Like Real experience or access to the full collection of VR porn! Come on guys, at least give us a 7 day membership option!!

Half baked access to studios

Yes, SexLikeReal offers a wide range of studios on their site, but you will be disappointed if you want all the videos made by each of them. In most cases, you will be lucky to get half of that studios porn library at best.

I like their attempt to cover many VR porn studios, but frankly I would have preferred fewer studios but with fuller subscriptions. I suppose this is the inherent problem with this model, as the studios often have their own websites to promote, and only want to offer the full experience there.

Quality not consistent

Quality is so important when it comes to VR porn. Camera field of view, angle and positioning are all vital elements that go into the VR porn melting pot. When VR porn was first on the scene, we had frequent issues with quality in the industry. However, these days, pretty much all half decent VR porn providers are able to give a solid level of quality.

So, I am not talking about serious quality issues here. You will find that the videos on SexLikeReal all meet the basic VR porn quality standards. But when you are bringing together so many videos from different providers, you will notice a slight difference in quality between them. When I choose a website to subscribe to, I find a provider that meets my tastes when it comes to performers used, dialogue or the way the porn is shot. This is harder to do here.

Confusing Pricing

Some people may like the different ways to pay for your porn offered by this site, but for me I prefer the more simple approach. One subscription to cover them all. 

SexLikeReal has a premium subscription offered alongside the ability to pay for each video individually. The problem is that when you buy a premium subscription, it doesn’t include every video on the site. I am sure that a lot of people won’t realize this when they first encounter the site, and are likely to be disappointed when they find out.

Sex Like Real follows a premium subscription where not all the videos on the site are included.
The disclaimer says it all really!

Do they support more recent headsets?

Their ‘how to watch VR porn’ help section wasn’t updated since 2017, and doesn’t even refer to some of the latest headsets, such as the Oculus Go and Quest. They really should keep their help pages up to date, so that users are 100% clear on what headsets are supported by their platform. I am pretty sure most are supported, by you have to find this out for yourself.

Accessing on my Oculus Go wasn’t a smooth experience

As their website doesn’t refer to the Oculus Go, I am wondering if this problem is purely down to this particular headset. 

I tried using the browser to navigate to their website, sign in and view the content. However, it would play the video in 2D unless you clicked the option for ‘open in DeoVR video player.’ Even after clicking this (with the app installed), it wouldn’t actually bring up the video. It would still tell me to install the app even though I already had! Frustrating to say the least.

I ended up having to go straight to the DeoVR player and use their browser feature to access the site. When I did this, everything worked smoothly. So this would be the route I would recommend you to take if you want to use this service.

You have to use filters!

One of the problems with housing so many different types of videos on one site, is that if you don’t use filters you will end up seeing some thumbnails for videos you wish you hadn’t. In my example, I saw one for a scene with a more than just mature performer 🙂 This led me to start using filters, something I don’t usually do on other platforms.

Should you subscribe to SexLikeReal?

This is a matter of personal preference, but I would rather have the “Spotify” of VR porn than the “ITunes” of VR porn. I would much rather have a subscription where I know that everything on the platform is included. I found it annoying when I would come across scenes I am interested in, only to find out they are not in the premium subscription. And when I am paying $30 a month anyway, I don’t want to be paying out more for individual videos. This is not cheap in the VR porn world.

However, I can see one good use case for this site. If you are on a budget or don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription, this site may work well. You could simply check the ‘For Sale’ section of videos regularly and only buy those. There are some good scenes on offer at cheap prices. 

The only other people that may be interested are those that want to see the ultimate level of variety on their VR porn sites, and don’t mind paying a slight premium. When others are splitting up content into smaller niche porn sites, SexLikeReal still offers it all under one roof.

I know you can see above lots of things we don’t like, but please don’t get me wrong. You will find a lot of top quality VR porn on this site, with a pretty industry standard $30 a month price tag. It’s just that I don’t like the pricing model and business model used by this site.

The inclusion of their own SLR Original scenes has sweetened the deal slightly, but still not enough for me to be fully onboard at $30 a month.

If they had a trial or short subscription, I would tell you to check it out anyway to see if you like it! This is made harder, as you would have to commit to a full subscription to see the full extent of what the site has to offer.

You can go check out the official website and see what SexLikeReal has to offer HERE.

If you have your own experiences with, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below. gets a VR Porn Bro Rating of 3 out of 5

Only good for people that want to buy scenes one by one and not a subscription. WITH MORE SLR ORIGINALS I MIGHT CHANGE MY MIND!

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