Real Jam VR Review [WORTH IT?]

Welcome back to VR Porn Bro, the site where we tell you the best VR porn sites out there! After a slight hiatus we are back looking at Real Jam VR! Will this VR porn site live up to the hype? Let’s find out!

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A few discliamers to start. I accessed the Real Jam VR content using the SexLikeReal service. Therefore, I will not be looking into the membership portal on their website. This is what I would call a lite review (for now!).

I accessed this service using my Oculus Go headset, so please be aware that you may get different viewing results based on the headset you are using.

What is Real Jam VR?

Real Jam VR was started in 2016, so they are not that new to the VR porn scene! In their tagline they say that they are the place to find ‘masterpieces’ of VR porn! Well, we will see!

They are part of the Real Jam Network that include other VR porn sites such as SexBabesVR and VR Conk, so you will see similar features on all of these sites.

From what I can gather, Real Jam Network is based out of Budapest, Hungary.

this is the real jam VR website homepage.

How Much is Real Jam VR?

Like the sister sites mentioned above, Real Jam VR is going for a lower tier price for their VR porn site. I suppose they can do this when they are based out of such a low cost country such as Hungary.

Although their regular pricing isn’t that cheap, being similar to big boys such as Naughty America, you will often find them heavily discounted. At the time of writing they had a 30% discount, which means you only pay just over $5 a month if you buy a year in advance. Some of the cheapest prices you will see in VR porn.

Real Jam VR has some of the cheapest pricing tiers in all of VR porn!

What did we like about Real Jam VR?

Excellent Scenes

Clearly Real Jam VR don’t have the budget for high end productions with role play and props, such as what you might find over at WankzVR.

However, they have been able to come up with some pretty epic scene ideas that have made Real Jam VR some what of a highlight among lower end VR porn providers.

For example, they recently uploaded a gang bang scene called ‘Kill the Boss’ with a performer named Angel Wicky. This has been by far one of my top VR porn scenes ever! So, well done for that Real Jam VR! For some reason gang bangs are not done often in the VR porn world, but this one was a real treat. If you don’t mind seeing a bit of voyeur action from other actors on the fringes of the scene, this could be for you 🙂

They also have a decent range of VR porn content here to please a good amount of people. The only thing that you might miss is MILF content, I didn’t really see any of it on their site.

But when some competitors are piecing out all their sites into separate categories, it’s good to see someone still offering decent variety of porn in one place.

Good Range of Performers

Although they are from Eastern Europe they don’t just stick with performers from this part of the world. A good chunk are from North America too. This adds to the variety and is great to see. They have my current favourite Vina Sky on there too, so I’m more than happy about that 🙂

Decent Quality

The clarity of VR porn on offer here is up to modern standards and decent, but certainly isn’t top of the class. For this price point it’s is more than enough to enjoy the porn on offer. With only a choice few able to invest in god like rigs to bring the top notch quality, you can’t expect this from every studio. Real Jam VR do well with what they have got!

Decent Download Options

It’s great to see they have some fairly new VR headsets included in their downloads, such as the Oculus Go (the headset I am currently using).

They also include a good amount of resolution options for each headset type, which are easy to download.

Up to Date Help Pages

This is something a few of the ‘bigger boys’ in the VR porn industry could take on board! Up to date help articles! Yes, Real Jam VR have included some of the most recent VR headsets from Oculus. I also liked their simple and to the point instructions! Big plus here!

Real Jam VR has some excellent help articles.

No Annoying Cross- Promotion

Unlike some of their bigger competition, I was pleased to find that Real Jam VR are not annoying me with pop ups or in page adverts for other services they want me to sign up to. This made browsing their website a very pleasant experience.

Hopefully, some other VR porn sites will take their lead here! I don’t mind some cross-promotion, just not is a pushy or annoying way 🙂 A gold star for Real Jam here then!!

What didn’t we like about Real Jam VR?

Not Much Creativity

From time to time you will see them attempt some role play at the start of their scenes, but that is about it. Everything else is pretty stock VR porn. Don’t get me wrong, there is some great stuff there 🙂 Just don’t expect epic set pieces or crazy creativity like I saw recently from Sex Like Real Originals!!

Too Much Pink!

The Real Jam Network really needs to hire better web designers, as a lot of their VR porn websites are not great! Real Jam VR is probably the oldest as it looks by far the worst out of all of them in the network! Way too many seedy colours such as pink for a start!

It’s not so bad that it’s unusable, it just won’t win any design awards any time soon 🙂

Hidden Filters

I don’t see any way to filter scenes apart from going into one and clicking on the tags you see associated with that video. Yes, you can still filter videos this way but they need to make it less hidden!

No Trial or Short Subscription

As VR porn is still a fairly new thing for most people, I like sites to give the option of a short term trial or cheap 2 day all access pass. This will help get a lot more people into paid VR porn, in my humble opinion.

Unfortunatly, Real Jam VR don’t offer any such promotions, only having a one month subscription as the shortest option. They do have decent free trailers for people to watch, but I still would have liked to see some type of short term options for people to really be able to explore the content.

Should you Subscribe to Real Jam VR?

I have to say I had some great experiences over at Real Jam VR, especially with the group sex scene I mentioned above. It’s not across the board top tier stuff but you will find a good amount of gems in their content.

Is the quality the best ever? No! But with prices often some of the lowest seen in VR porn, you can have access to a very solid service for not much money. There really isn’t much to complain about.

For some reason, I still find myself gravitating to SexBabesVR for my lower tier VR thrills, but Real Jam VR isn’t close behind!!

If you want to check Real Jam out for yourself, click HERE to go see their official website. get a VR Porn Bro Rating of 3.5 out of 5


If you have tried this VR porn studio and want to share your views, let us know in the comments section below.

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